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Capital Care Connections, Arizona

Anthony Rein, Operations Manager

“Being thoroughly immersed in the MMJ industry for over four years, I have personally had the opportunity to use BioTrack THC as my platform when cultivating, extracting/infusing, and dispensing. Whether the program is being utilized in the grow, kitchen, or dispensary, it has proved to be one of the utmost important tools; allowing our organization to seamlessly integrate and maintain all pertinent information in real-time at multiple locations simultaneously.”

Aphelion Pharmaceuticals Inc., Canada

“Aphelion Pharmaceuticals Inc is a Canadian biotechnology company which has applied to become a Licensed Producer of Medical Cannabis under Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. A critical aspect of becoming a Producer is to demonstrate the quality of recordkeeping as required by the regulations in the application process.

The Aphelion management team compiled a key list of the record keeping functions, incorporating grow facility location tracking, inventory control, patient records management, dispensary point-of-sale system and auditable accounting. This list formed the basis of our search to find an appropriate, compliant software suite.

The management team was delighted to discover the BioTrackTHC software package. The software was evaluated and found to be impressive in its completeness with regards to our requirements. BioTrackTHC was and continues to be responsive to our requests for information. BioTrackTHC were able to help us in the preparation of the Recordkeeping Report and were thorough in every detail. The support staff are professional in their approach to client service and proved invaluable in assisting with our application submission to Health Canada. We are very much looking forward to using BioTrackTHC when we receive our Health Canada MMPR license.

Aphelion unreservedly recommends BioTrackTHC for your medical marijuana business!”

Greenwerks, Colorado

Todd Carstens, COO

“To all potential clients…

Our company Greenwerkz has been using BioTrack for roughly the past year and a half, and I have to say it’s made our lives easier all around, from the grow to retail to compliance.

Initially, we started with the basic Quick Books POS software. It was nice and simple, but most definitely not geared toward our industry. From there we gave MJFREEWAY® a trial run for a month, but soon realized it was falling short of our expectations and needs.

On a referral from a colleague, we decided to try BioTrack. Like any new software, there is a learning/breaking in period for new users, but it was quite shorter than what we experienced with our previous providers. The grow management/inventory aspects of BioTrack were probably the biggest surprise. It truly is a seed to sale software.

With that said, my best experience with BioTrack has been with their customer service/technical support team. Being on Mountain time, I was concerned about their offices & support staff being on the East coast, but I have had very few instances where they were not available for help….even as late as 10pm eastern time. In those few cases where I haven’t been able to reach someone, a call back has never been far away. And their development team is always open to suggestions on how to make the software even better and more user-friendly….that’s a huge plus in my book.

I would recommend BioTrack to anyone looking to get into this business or change up from their current Dispensary POS System provider.”


Cannabicare, Colorado

“Just want to tell your company and anyone interested in using your dispensary point of sale that it is absolutely fantastic! We used Old Man Software and it was awful to use every day. It was slow and constantly freezing up. It also did not track inventory very well or have nearly the amount of reports that we needed. Every time they would do an update it would screw up something else in the program.

Biotrack has a very easy system to use and even I can figure out how to do something new with it. The updates are fast and don’t interfere with other parts of the program. I absolutely urge anyone who is interested in purchasing this system to contact us. Anyone is more than welcome to come and see how the Dispensary POS System works. TJ is a flipping genius in developing this program. It really has made my work and well as my budtenders life so much easier and efficient. We can track our daily gram sales, see what is available in inventory both in strains and food. It’s night and day the differences between the dispensary point of sales out there.”


North Boulder Wellness Center, Colorado

I have a computer background and researched several different applications/vendors before going with BioTrackTHC. Ours is a new industry complete with many changing rules and regulations. BioTrack has had the most responsive support I have ever seen and the software updates happen frequently and are published to all users via email. We are really happy with the software. It works well for us and if something seems less-than-perfect it gets fixed fast. They are a great company to work with!

Altitude Organic Medicine, Colorado

I just wanted to write to tell the owners of BiotrackTHC, that TJ your tech guy is the MOST AWESOMEST (it is a word) Tech guy EVER!! Rating 1-10, 10 being the best, TJ is rated at 14. He has gone above and beyond so many times it’s hard to count. TJ is one of the biggest selling points on Biotrack due to his super customer service skills. We cant thank him enough. Thank you Biotrack for having such wonderful employees that are so nice to speak with and when we have a problem, TJ and others are SO SO SO helpful in correcting our situation. THANK YOU.”


3D Cannabis Center, Colorado

“We rock BioTrackTHC software and love it! Bud tenders think it’s super user-friendly. Thanks for helping us take care of our customers!”

Advanced Grow Labs, Connecticut

“Having an experienced consultant come help train us on BioTrack was incredibly beneficial to our understanding of the software.  There are so many pieces to BioTrack that we wouldn’t have been able to utilize otherwise.  I’ve attempted to learn tracking software’s in the past, but they’ve ended in a mess.  Deciding to have someone come out here to train us was a great decision because now we feel confident in our ability to functionally use BioTrack.  Even if we do fall into a point of confusion, our onsite consultant is always quick to respond.  I completely recommend having someone who knows BioTrack to train your team.”

Chief of the Hawaii DOH Office of Health Care Assurance

Keith Ridley

Government Traceability Testimonial

“We’re pleased to know that our state’s seed-to-sale Traceability System is now housed in the most secure cloud server available.  This ensures safety and comfort for our licensees, business operators, and our patients, who can all be confident in knowing their business data and protected patient information is being stored in the most secure Traceability System in the world.”

Maribis LLC, Illinois

Laura Dembinski, Director of Operations

“After the state selected BioTrackTHC for the Illinois Traceability System, it only made sense for us to go with them for our seed-to-sale software provider. We were very impressed with the comprehensive functionality of the software, which was clearly designed for cannabis operations. Some of the features are irreplaceable and can only be found in a cannabis-specific system. We are extremely pleased with how BioTrackTHC operates with our company’s workflow and makes inventory management significantly simpler. Once launched in our systems, BioTrack proved again to be the right choice. The customer service is outstanding, answering all of our questions and offering tips on how to make inventory function as seamless as possible, truly showing us they do care about their client’s operations and overall success. Their support is a value that can’t be replaced and we cannot thank their team enough for the work they have done since day one, and continue each day!”

Sage Biotech, Inc.

Suzanne Malanson, Dispensary Manager

“Having been in the industry, I am impressed with the user-friendly nature of Biotrack and comprehensive tools this Dispensary POS System provides many aspects of our dispensary’s needs.”

Tryke Companies & Reef Dispensaries, Nevada

David Kane, CFO

“As the Chief Financial Officer of a large scale operation with two cultivations and four dispensaries across 2 states, I needed a software partner that could handle our volume, complexity, requirements for speed and level and data integrity.  Our previous software vendor simply could not deliver on any of our needs.  In contrast, BioTrackTHC has exceeded my expectations.  Simply put, I am normally adverse to providing any kind of endorsement.  However, the level of service that the BioTrackTHC deserves praise. 

In the fall of 2016, we started the search for a new software vendor.  Our criteria was simple: A stable system hosted on our servers that provided complete traceability of who did what in the system (and when they did it).  We also wanted our vendor to have a robust suite of API’s that complemented our need for data and compliance.  Early on, our research identified BioTrackTHC as our clear choice.  However, before we could even develop a transition plan, our then software vendor suffered a disaster bringing all our systems from grow to sales to a complete standstill.  What we had hoped would be a smooth and methodical transition quickly became a crisis.  Once again, BioTrackTHC delivered.

BioTrackTHC was there to assist our organization during the disaster recovery period.  They were able to implement their system, train our employees and help us go live – all within days.  Their level of customer service was herculean. They provided support around the clock helping along the way.  When I asked one of their techs about their commitment, they simply said, “we are cannabis and tech nerds and we love what we do.” 

The result of our implementation of BioTrackTHC is a robust system that provides me the answers to my questions about inventory and sales. 

I can’t thank the BioTrackTHC team enough for helping us not only in our most critical times, but also for the all the post-implementation and ongoing support.  In short, I can not imagine our operations without BioTrackTHC.

I recommend any company looking to work with professionals in the industry to contact BiotrackTHC.”

Powell House Cannabis Club, Oregon

Heather Rogers, Dispensary Manager

“Switching to BioTrackTHC has made our dispensary run much more smoothly. One of my favorite features is being able to scan patients’ OMMP cards and Driver’s License directly into their profile, as opposed to scanning it into the computer and uploading it into the dispensary POS system. We also use touch screens in our dispensary, and the interface makes it easier for the budtenders to utilize them if they don’t want to use the mouse and keyboard. The reports are also significantly more in depth than our previous Dispensary POS System. The entire program is very user-friendly and makes each person’s job very easy and efficient.”

Foster Buds, Oregon

Nathan Krytenberg

“I recently started using Biotrack for my first dispensary in Oregon. I have called support several times with all sorts of problems and questions. I am extremely impressed with your support/service and wanted to share this feedback. Your staff is very knowledgeable, Greg especially, and they have my confidence. Choosing Biotrack was the right move and I am sharing my opinion with friends who also own dispensaries. Keep up the good work.”

MariMed, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Wilnor Mercado, Vice President

“Mr. Tolentino, the local BioTrackTHC representative in Puerto Rico, as well as the rest of the BioTrackTHC staff, have provided me with excellent service and customer support from the start.  From day one, all the way up to present day, their team has been there for me to help work through any questions I’ve had related to the software.  They go beyond their basic duties by pointing out possible compliance issues, as well as providing ideas on how to better run my operations.  The Software helps me to keep track of my sales and inventory, and the people behind it are second to none.  I recommend BIoTrackTHC because of their software and service.”

Clinica Verde, Puerto Rico

Jason Dey-Chao Zorrilla, Director of Operations

“We asked for a reliable, user-friendly software to serve as our compliance and business solution.  BioTrackTHC has met and exceeded our expectations as a solid platform that allows us to operate our dispensary network.  Their customer service is literally like calling that high-school friend that knew how to solve all your IT issues.  We’re glad to have them as co-authors of our success story.”

Grow Op Farms and Phat Panda Cannabis, Washington

Nancy Drinkard, Sales and Inventory Manager

“With BiotrackTHC it is comforting knowing that you have a support system behind the program.  Biotrack has been there since the beginning of our operation and has provided great customer support as our business has continued to grow and evolve in all aspects including training, pointers on compliance, and answering any questions that may come up in a quick and professional manner.  I can say that on top of the traceability platform there is a lot more that comes with the BiotrackTHC system, and a big part of that is their commitment to the customer experience.”

Thomas Lion, Licensed Cannabis Grower

“Biotrack was one of the better experiences I had in our first season as licensed Cannabis growers here in Washington State. As a fifty-eight year old card carrying AARP Baby Boomer and self-labeled Jack of All Trades, I had a mental block and fear about more tech and software being part of my life off the grid on the side of a mountain. Biotrack’s friendly staff and tech support cured me of this phobia and were there for me every step of the way. Thanks to Biotrack, I have just paid the government taxes that once cost me my freedom due to the catch 22 back in the day paying MJ tax obligations created. I highly recommend Biotrack to any of you about to enter the Cannabis business that is about to explode nationwide.”

Pioneer Nuggets, Washington

Pat McDermott, CFO

“Training went well; we’re well organized and using the system effectively. Thank you from me to everyone on your support staff. Sorry for adding any additional work to their plate as I went through the growing pains of learning the BioTrackTHC software. I am very pleased with the timeliness and attitude of each and every one in your company I’ve spoken to. I believe moving forward I have a good grip on your software.”

WAM Oils


“I want to thank Ashley from BioTrack for making my life simple this morning manifesting something through the Washington State’s LCB Traceability System!  Again, we have a processor that wants to buy our oil but they want zero terpenes and so I have to retest.  I had to use the free system to report the oil deduction and could not find that feature so, and I say this lightly, but thank goodness for the access I have to valuable resources like Ashley.  Thanks for being on top of it! SO responsive! I got what I needed and my company will not lose the sale!”

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