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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, BioTrackTHC does not supply hardware. However, vendors listed on our partners page provide BioTrackTHC Supported Equipment as well as other industry specific supplies.
Yes, BioTrackTHC supports multi location businesses with data sharing, employee permissions, and reporting. Grant and revoke location access easily with over 160 enforceable permissions.
BioTrackTHC can import Patient or Customer profile data. Inventory, Sales, or Accounting data cannot be imported.
Yes, BioTrackTHC retains all historical data including Manifests.
Yes, BioTrackTHC supports custom tax categories including, but not limited to, 280e, City, State, or Excise.
BioTrackTHC utilizes a globally unique 16 digit identifier to track plants and inventory. The identifier follows the plant throughout its lifecycle recording phases, notes, pesticides and conversions. Converted products are assigned a new identifier encompassing the previous information creating a continuous chain of command and information.
Yes, in most cases BioTrackTHC will import the results directly from the lab. If direct data integration is unavailable simply upload QA results from a CSV file. QA results are available for product labels and receipts where required.
Yes, you can create Vendor specific folders to manage invoices, PO’s, service agreements etc.
No, BioTrackTHC does not have an accounting module. However, BioTrackTHC has many reports to aid in business management.
No, BioTrackTHC does not directly integrate but data export functionality is available via CSV (Excel) upload to most accounting systems.
Yes, all plants are tracked back to the source whether seed or clone. Clones are linked to Mothers and can be tracked and measured historically.
Yes, BioTrackTHC supports RFID solutions, contact your account representative for more information
Yes, BioTrackTHC allows for the creation of custom Member levels, Reward Points, and Loyalty Programs.
Yes, BioTrackTHC assigns plants to patients and automatically reassigns plants as patient levels change.
No, the licensing agreement is month to month. We earn your business 4 weeks at a time.
As the industry’s only server based system you can rest easy knowing your data is as secure as your facility. Data is stored on site and protected by SSL Certificate encryption. No one, not even BioTrackTHC employees can access your data without your permission and supervision.
Yes, BioTrackTHC will setup a dedicated connection facilitating remote access. It’s the benefit of the cloud without the data vulnerabilities.