FAQ of the Week #1: Cultivation First Steps

FAQ of the Week #1: Cultivation First Steps

BioTrackTHC was created specifically for the cannabis industry to help cultivators organize, record, and monitor cannabis facility activity.

October 5, 2017

Having a secure, consistent, and scalable inventory management system is a must in today’s regulated cannabis industry. BioTrackTHC’s flexible cannabis software solution was built with that in mind. This guide explores how BioTrackTHC’s cultivation management system helps create the foundation for success by focusing on organization and record keeping.


BioTrackTHC allows licensed operators to create a digital representation of their physical facility making locating plants incredibly simple and efficient. By adding custom rooms or tables, cultivators are able to track plant batches as they proceed from phase to phase. Imagine the peace of mind knowing the location and status of every plant without having to set foot in the room.

Once locations, rooms, and tables are created cultivators can bring plants to their inventory by generating a unique barcode. BioTrackTHC uses a 16 digit non-repeatable identifier to track plants, conversions, inventory, and sales.

This identifier follows the plant all the way through its production lifecycle, conversions or transportation events and finally to consumer sale. This means that we can scan the barcode of a cannabis product, or byproduct, that has been purchased by a consumer and tell you the name and location of the grower who planted the seed or clipped the clone.

Record Keeping

Another amazing BioTrackTHC feature is robust record keeping and the ability to record plant genealogy. When plants are added to the system cultivators can record the source, be it seed, clone, or tissue culture to help cultivators calculate future yields based on historical harvest data while monitoring clone potency and mother plant health.

BioTrackTHC also increases consistency by providing tools to record detailed notes on plant interactions like light schedule or nutrient logging. In states that require pesticide and nutrient application tracking, BioTrackTHC makes it easy by recording additive usage to quickly identify any products based on what additives have been applied.

This post addresses the following FAQ’s, which were identified as key questions that our users commonly ask.

How does BioTrackTHC organize plants and inventory?

How do I switch from Graphical view to List view?

How to I assign a phase to a room?

How do I add a new plant to BioTrackTHC?

Does BioTrackTHC track genealogy?

In our next FAQ of the week post, learn how BioTrackTHC monitors cannabis plant growth, records harvest weights, and handles plant destruction events. Do you have questions about BioTrackTHC’s Cultivation Management software? Please submit them to faq@biotrackthc.com to get the question and answer added to our website and potentially addressed in a future post!

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