BioTrack System Updates for WA and OR Commercial Clients

BioTrack System Updates for WA and OR Commercial Clients

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed development ahead of schedule for the new Washington functionality. The update has been pushed and is now live.
Please be aware that none of these updates will fundamentally alter the way your current functionality operates.
If you would like to receive this update and have it scheduled please reply back with the following information:
  • Point of contact
  • Phone number
  • Date requested for the update
The enhancements are as follows:
Undo Harvest: In addition to the existing functionality, allowing you to simply undo the harvest notification when accidentally selected, you will now be able to undo an actual harvest in the system. Please note that if you have already entered a dry weight for the harvest you will need to perform an Undo Cure prior to backing out of the initial wet weight.
Undo Cure: You will now be able to undo the entry of a dry weight during the harvest/cure process. Please note that the initial entry of a wet weight will remain unless the function of an Undo Harvest is also completed after the cure reversion. This can be performed as long as the derivative material in your inventory has not been altered.
Wet-flower Transfer: When harvesting there will now be an option to dry your wet flower in another facility. This will transfer the wet flower directly into inventory and can be manifested and transferred to any license with a processor privilege. If receiving wet-flower, you may now simply click on the inventory item and select ‘Cure’ entering in the dry weight thus finishing the harvest process, making the flower ready batched into a flower lot.
Non-mandatory Sample: Samples may be pulled directly from plants or from inventory, as applicable. These samples may be generated and placed on a manifest for a QA lab and transferred. These may not be used for any purposes other than R&D QA samples (pre-testing). Please note that pulling a sample in this manner will not associate the QA results with any plants or inventory in the system.
THCA and CBDA Total calculation: Recently the WSLCB modified the formula for which certain cannabinoid profiles are totaled and relayed within traceability. We have modified the porting logic to ensure that potency listing on labels now mirrors appropriately, eliminating the need to use custom variables for potency on batching labels.

Wholesale Discounts Enabled: Wholesale Discounts have been enabled. This is possible as the new logic pushes individual line item discounts to traceability, recalculating for end totals. This also addresses the issues of applying whole ticket discounts with loyalty points.Refund System Modification: New sales columns allow for discount inclusions in the refunding process. This addresses issues where complex discounts had disabled certain refunds because of how they were submitted to traceability and at times causing confusion due to rounding of $0.01. 

Please be advised that we have also completed the software update to meet the latest OLCC Metrc Dispensary reporting requirements.
This update is ONLY for dispensaries that are Recreational ONLY and report to Metrc.
If you would like to receive this update and have it scheduled please contact support with the following information:
  • Point of contact
  • Phone number
  • Date requested for the update

You may also request the update to be pushed sooner or at a different time.

Training Video: Oregon 420 Update Video
Thank you for choosing BioTrack and giving us the honor of serving you. If you still would like additional assistance explaining any of these functions do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Since 2010, BioTrack has provided the legal cannabis operators with the industries’ leading seed to sale tracking and dispensary point of sale software. Whether you operate a cultivation site, manufacturing and processing facility, medical or recreational dispensary or a business that covers the full vertical, we’ve got you covered when it comes to compliance.

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