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How much do you really know about the data driving your business?

The BT Command Center was built to make operational analysis and employee management faster and easier to understand. By utilizing illustrative graphs and an intuitive task management system, the BT Command Center is the first system to display meaningful metrics anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your device.  Enjoy automated daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports sent directly to your device.

  • Exclusive BioTrackTHC Integration

  • Task Management

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly

  • Multi-Device Support

  • Informative Graphs

  • Review Vendor Activity

  • Review Sales, Discounts, Hours and More

  • Export reports to CSV, Excel, and PDF

Command and Control your Business

Employee Task Manager

  • Assign, manage, and review employee responsibilities with the new Task Management feature.

  • Evaluate performance metrics like Sales, Hours Worked, and Discounts granted to identify winning products and team members.

  • Real Time access to Inbound/Outbound Transfers for complete operational visibility.

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Enhanced Data Visualization

  • Live BioTrackTHC system data is used to generate illustrative graphs; that’s business intelligence on demand.

  • Review sales by Product or Inventory type and identify sell through rates to optimize reorder points.

  • Use data analysis to determine your most important and profitable vendors.

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