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Do you want digital menu displays in your Dispensary or Retail shop?

The BT Menu Board is a fully integrated dispensary menu display designed to improve customer experience and increase sales. Spend less time explaining what’s in stock and more time creating an enjoyable visit leading to repeat customers and referrals.

By eliminating manual updates your staff will be free to focus on what matters, the customers.

Dispensary Menu Display

Our tv menu board quickly integrates into your existing BioTrackTHC application.

  • Multiple Prices (1g, 3.5g, etc)

  • Wireless Displays Supported

  • Printable Menus

  • Sort by Name, Price, Type

  • Completely Automated

  • Custom Advertisements

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Website Plugin

Our JQuery plugin is uploaded onto your website. It can also be linked by CDN.

Technical Requirements

  • USB Compatible Offline Mode

  • VGA/DVI/HDMI Capable
  • PHP Based

  • Custom Sorting Options

  • Supports 720p-4k

  • All Major WIFI Display Streaming Devices Supported

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