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Cultivation Operations

Cultivation facilities have a lot of moving parts, BioTrackTHC’s Cultivation Operations system simplifies the process by streamlining work flows and providing key data points necessary to maximize yields and profits. Use the system as a digital representation of your physical site with custom rooms and tables, or take advantage of the Strain Notes to maintain consistent light and water schedules. Focus on growing, knowing the system is predicated on enforcing transparency, accountability, and compliance.

  • Custom Harvest/Cure Settings – Weight Wet? Trim Dry? Top Cut? BioTrackTHC supports custom workflows, multiple collection points, and grade product upon curing.
  • Yield Forecasting – Predict yields 3, 6, 9+ months out based on previous harvest data and growing conditions.
  • Genealogy Tracking – Record plant genetics, track cross breeding, and monitor clone potency results.
  • Integrated Scales Eliminate human error and guarantee accountability with scales connected directly toNational Conference on Weights and Measures - NTEP Certification the BioTrackTHC system. Cloud systems can’t offer a direct connection, only a locally hosted solution provides the ultimate security and peace of mind.  Offering NTEP certified software, awarded to the most accurate systems in the world by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.
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Inventory Management

Processing cannabis requires a system to track converted material back to the source for both Quality Assurance and Testing purposes. The BioTrackTHCTM system records data necessary for compliance and automatically ports required information to product labels, saving time and increasing transparency. Manage wholesale transactions, Create purchase orders, and Generate invoices across multiple licensed locations with one integrated interface.

  • Transport Manifest– Create, submit, and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver, and cargo contained for regulatory review.
  • Conversion Tracking– Record product conversions for complete chain of custody logging, cost per gram calculations, and product notifications/recall.
  • True Hardware Integration– Scales are hardwired to the system virtually eliminating human error. Only a locally hosted application can support direct hardware integration.
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Point of Sale

BioTrackTHCTM’s Point of Sale system was created specifically for the cannabis industry and incorporates direct equipment integration virtually eliminating human error. Cumulative Pricing, Weigh Heavy, and Inventory Grading are all accounted for, in addition to the ability to conduct Blind Audits and set Employee Permissions.

  • Auto-Apply Discounts Take complete control of promotions and employee discounts based on Day, Hour, Item, or Product Category. Do you have a Wax Wednesday special? Daily happy hours? How about monthly promotions? With the new Discount system you can do it all, and it’s really simple!
  • Data Driven Marketing Create custom loyalty programs that engage and reward your community. Built in email and text message marketing functionality provides an unrivaled out of the box solution capable of generating targeted campaigns based on purchase history, birthday, past visit date and much more!
  • Integrated Scales Eliminate human error and guarantee accountability with scales connected directly toNational Conference on Weights and Measures - NTEP Certification the BioTrackTHCTM system. Cloud systems can’t offer a direct connection, only a locally hosted solution provides the ultimate security and peace of mind.  Offering NTEP certified software, awarded to the most accurate systems in the world, from the National Conference on Weights and Measures.
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Reporting and Analytics

Businesses depend on key data points to make decisions every day; BioTrackTHCTM’s powerful analytics suite offers unprecedented access to the figures that isolate strengths and areas to seek improvement. Historical data is retained indefinitely making year over year reporting only a few clicks away.

  • Sales Trends – Identify best sellers and calculate Sell Through Rate to stay properly stocked.
  • 280e Tax Report– Calculate and document tax obligations, deductions, and liability.
  • Configure Reports – Don’t want certain columns to show up? Want to sort in alphabetical or numerical order? All reports can be easily configured based on your needs.
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BT Menu Board

Do you want to display digital menus in your Dispensary or Retail shop? The BT Menu Board is a fully integrated display designed to improve customer experience and increase sales. Spend less time explaining what’s in stock and more time creating an enjoyable visit leading to repeat visits and referrals.

  • Increase Engagement- Automatic inventory updates eliminate manual work and create more time for customer interaction. 
  • Multiple Themes- The BT Menu Board will compliment your existing brand and provide additional information reflecting inventory pricing.
  • Fast Install- No special equipment needed, simply connect your BioTrackTHCTM enabled PC to your TV and you’re ready to display updates and pricing.
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BT Command Center

BT Command Center

Take command of your business with the BT Command Center.  The command center is an analytics dashboard for your business operations.  Get real-time business intelligence to help you analyze and streamline your operations with ease using the BT Command Center with BioTrackTHC.

  • Automated Reports – Enjoy automated sales and inventory reports with real-time data sent directly to your devices. 
  • Employee Activity Analysis – Monitor employee activity by setting employee tasks while off-site.
  • Mobile-Friendly – We know you can’t be at your business 24/7, which is why the Command Center allows you to run your business from your phone or tablet.  Enjoy all of the functionality of the desktop version while on the go.
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Application Support

A strong application is the first step in securing a cannabis operation license. BioTrackTHCTM representatives are available to guide you through the process and submit the best application possible. Let our team dissect the regulations and thoroughly outline how the BioTrackTHCTM system meets, and in most cases exceeds, the regulations related to compliance and cannabis traceability.

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On Site Assistance

BioTrackTHCTM representatives take pride in understanding the entire cannabis seed to sale process. Our team is available to come on site and offer advice related to best practices, workflow analysis, and operational efficiency. Contact your account representative to find out more!

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