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Updated: April 24, 2017

As the cannabis industry anxiously awaits direction from the White House, it appears that states are not going to be as patient. As more states move forward with cannabis bills, we’ll continue providing relevant updates on the latest cannabis laws and legislation that affect our industry and your business. Something we missed? Let us know here and we’ll make sure to include it in next week’s update!


The state announced that they will begin accepting license applications as of July 1, 2017, for cultivation and dispensing facilities.  Final rules and regulations are yet to be determined.  Check out our Arkansas state resource page for the latest licensing info.


SB 406 was passed by the Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee last Tuesday. Originally intended to create 5 additional licenses, the bill now only allows for 3. That may still change as there is one more committee hearing prior to a full Senate floor vote.


Senate Resolution 69, authored by Senator Karen Tallian, would urge the legislative council to designate a committee to study the efficacy of medical cannabis for treating certain conditions.


A bill to expand Iowa’s medical cannabis program received final Senate approval this Saturday. If signed by the Governor, House File 524 would permit the production and distribution of CBD cannabis oil with up to 3% THC.

New York

New York legislators have introduced a bill that would include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis. Senate Bill 5629 was introduced by Senator Diane Savino, who has been adamant about expanding the medical program since its inception. Also introduced by Savino, SB 5628 would require a study on the impact of medical cannabis as it relates to banking, tax revenue collection, and employment tax issues.

Check out our New York state resource page for the latest licensing info.


A bill to re-introduce confiscated cannabis to the medical supply chain has gained bi-partisan support. SB 1014 would authorize law enforcement agencies to transfer forfeited cannabis to nonprofit medical dispensaries that, once tested, would be available for patient purchase. The Oregon Health Authority will be responsible for adopting testing and quality control standards. Additionally, SB 1042, designed to create interstate enforcement cooperation, continues to progress after a public hearing and work session last week.

Check out our Oregon state resource page for the latest licensing info.

Rhode Island

Council members in eastern Rhode Island have voted in support of zoning amendments that would allow for restricted medical cannabis cultivation within city limits. Prior to the council’s decisions, applicants were seeking property zoned for agricultural use; they can now seek property in light or general industrial zones.


Despite the Senate favoring a cannabis legalization bill 21-9 it is unlikely that we’ll see legalization happen this year due to the House, which is not expected to review H 170 this year.


HB 1463, which would authorize the Department of Agriculture to regulate the sanitary processing of cannabis edibles, is heading to the Governor’s desk for signing. The bill was passed 47-2 in the House and is expected to be signed this week.

Check out our Washington state resource page for the latest licensing info.

West Virginia

Signed by Governor Jim Justice last week, SB 386 established the Medical Cannabis Commission and charges them with creating regulatory frameworks for a medical cannabis program. Despite the perceived conservative nature, West Virginia is the 29th state to legalize cannabis for medical use.  Will this become a trend that extends to Virginia and then the Carolina’s? It’s looking that way.


Senate Bill 10, which would make it easier to acquire CBD oil, was signed by Governor Scott Walker last week. Though passed in 2014, Lydia’s Law has yet to provide access to CBD oil for many patients and parents in need.

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