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Cannabis Bill Tracker

As the cannabis industry anxiously awaits direction from the White House, it appears that states are not going to be as patient. As more states move forward with cannabis bills, we’ll continue providing relevant updates on the latest cannabis laws and legislation that affect our industry and your business. Something we missed? Let us know here and we’ll make sure to include it in next week’s update!

August 14, 2017


Michigan Senate Bill 0433 was assigned with August 16th as the effective date. The bill, originally introduced by Senator Rick Jones in June, allows for the licensing and regulation of medical cannabis cultivators, processors, provisioning centers, compliance facilities, and secure transporters.


Though not legislative, Nevada regulators will seek alternative solutions for their distribution problem. Originally, liquor distributors suggested they fill the gap but, after receiving limited interest from the liquor industry, regulators will review roughly 80 distribution applications that were submitted in May.


Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed SB 754. The bill creates an offense for selling tobacco or inhalant delivery systems like Vapes to individuals under 21 years of age. One has to wonder if other state’s with progressive cannabis laws will follow suit.

August 7, 2017


Senator Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Act to great fanfare last week. If adopted, SB 1689 would end federal prohibition in addition to creating a process to expunge cannabis offenses.

An amendment to remove industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act received an additional Republican cosponsor. HR 3530 was originally introduced by James Comer of Kentucky and now has 16 total cosponsors.


After several weeks of political jockeying Maine’s LD 1641 is back in front of the Governor just weeks since getting previously vetoed. By voting 31-1 in favor of the bill, the veto was overridden and made law.


Governor Kate Brown signed HB 2198 establishing the Oregon Cannabis Commission and granting the authority to determine framework for future governance. The bill also made adjustments to regulations regarding proximity to schools and plant count thresholds.

July 31, 2017


A bill to allow states with legal cannabis to receive federal enforcement waivers was introduced in the House. So far, 4 members of congress have signed their support.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has once again adopted the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment extending the protections granted since it’s first passage in 2014.

The following House Bills received additional co-sponsors:


Governor Charlie Baker signed a cannabis legalization bill into law Monday. Additionally, 5 people were selected as members of the state’s Cannabis Advisory Board.

South Dakota

A typo on the initiative to legalize cannabis may derail advocates efforts. State officials have indicated that the bill language would only allow paraphernalia and not actually legalize cannabis.


A bill to decriminalize cannabis in Texas has been introduced. This is at least the 3rd attempt to end prohibition in the Lone Star state this year.

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