8 Steps Needed to Evaluate the Effectiveness of your Cannabis Compliance Program

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8 Steps Needed to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Cannabis Compliance Program

Guest Blog originally shared by Adherence Compliance

January 29, 2018

cannabis compliance Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated, at least it shouldn’t be. As the foundation for a successful business, adhering to regulations, aka maintaining compliance, will have a large impact on your processes and should be used as a guide when designing workflows. Unfortunately, for far too many operators, the mere mention of regulations is still cause for anxiety. Luckily, there are best practices that business owners can use to increase accountability while also enforcing laws. One of the most beneficial things a cannabis business operator can do for themselves is to hire cannabis specialists and partner with established industry solution providers with a narrow, yet refined, area of expertise. For inventory control, oversight, and accountability, you can rely on solutions like BioTrackTHC. For compliance assessments, our friends at Adherence Compliance are best-in-class!

Adherence Compliance has conducted more than 800 cannabis compliance inspections in the United States. By leveraging our expansive database, Adherence knows where Dispensaries, Cultivation Centers, Manufacturers and Distributors fail. 

The list below provides the eight (8) steps needed to evaluate the effectiveness of your Compliance Program:

  1. Standards & Procedures:  the business must establish holistic standards and procedures to prevent and detect areas of non-compliance
  2. Oversight & Accountability:  the business must define roles, responsibilities and compliance reporting processes for all personnel
  3. Hiring & Employee Due Diligence:  the business should hire, promote and support ethical employees with practical knowledge in compliance
  4. Training & Communication:  the business must communicate standards and procedures of compliance and ethics through effective training programs
  5. Monitoring & Reporting:  the business should routinely audit to detect areas of non-compliance and overall effectiveness of the compliance program
  6. Discipline & Incentives:  the business should report on all enforcement objectives, program consistency and issues while rewarding stewards of compliance and disciplining those who fail any compliance objectives
  7. Response & Prevention:  the business must respond immediately to all areas of non-compliance and take steps to prevent further compliance issues
  8. Routine Risk Assessments:  the business should periodically assess the risk of compliance via an automated tool or app to ensure program integrity

Need to accomplish all of the above? BioTrackTHC cannabis software and DIspensary POS System is able to handle a the majority of these processes.  Coupled with the Adherence SCORE App, there are few ways to greater optimize your compliance.  This blog was originally shared by Adherence Compliance and has been slightly altered to identify the issues that are able to be addressed with the BioTrackTHC cannabis track and trace solution.

Want to learn more about BioTrackTHC’s industry-leading cannabis track and trace software or DIspensary POS System and how it can help you address the compliance concerns listed above?  We’re one of the only cannabis software providers in the industry to offer a full-vertical tracking solution!  Contact our knowledgeable sales reps to learn more!


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