Infographic: Peace of Mind Through Third-Party Cannabis Software Solutions for Grow Ops

Infographic: Peace of Mind Through Third-Party Cannabis Software Solutions for Grow Ops

By: Jenna Maney & Magalie Noebes

As a grower, you technically don’t need third-party cannabis software solutions – but with it, compliance can be an afterthought, along with many other aspects of your grow, eliminating human error, efficiently gathering and reporting data, all the way down to integrating with your hardware. An effective, cannabis specific software solution can ensure your business is being run efficiently and stays compliant, offering you some peace of mind.

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Importance of Customized Permission Settings:

Implementing a system of control, and assigning permission settings to employees will be a major factor in reducing errors and mistakes within your operation. Creating permission settings for your employees will only permit them to perform certain actions you select, allowing owners to relax and know operations are running smoothly. By utilizing a pin-code (or fingerprint) permission system, these settings create an audit trail, so owners can see every step taken along the way through extensive action logs.

Highlights of Hardware Integration:

Hardware integration will help with efficiency and accuracy within your operation. Scales, scanners and label printers will integrate directly allowing for seamless harvesting and packaging processes. Integrated hardware can assist with eliminating data entry and human error as your system populates metrics right onto your screen; if your plant weighs one pound, it will reflect one pound directly on your computer screen. This functionality puts everything you need into one place without adding steps to your process.

Reporting Aspects:

The amount of data that your business collects will dramatically increase once you implement a cannabis software solution. Cultivators need to make sure they have a Cultivation Software system that allows them to have access to raw historical data, preferably exportable to excel. Some of this data will be strictly for compliance and regulatory purposes, some will be for business and growth analytics, and some will be a combination of the two.

Overall, fully integrated third-party cannabis software solutions give you peace of mind. Without a system in place to take care of the dreaded, mundane task of manually tracking your inventory, a slew of errors could occur. Have the work done for you, for the most part, so you can move forward with your grow while knowing your data and operations are being taken care of.

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