CannaLance and the Importance of Original Cannabis Content

CannaLance and the Importance of Original Cannabis Content

Did you know that regularly blogging just 2-3 times a week could increase your site traffic by over 1,200 new visits each month? That’s right.  With that in mind it is easy to see how SEO optimized content is an essential marketing tool for businesses and organizations within the cannabis sector as minimal advertising options are available to these entities. CannaLance helps these businesses by providing them with the content they need and content their audience will enjoy.

There are three main benefits to providing you with original cannabis content.

  • Provide a Voice for your Brand or Cause
    • Original cannabis content allows you to tune your content to the tone you wish for your audience to engage with. If you have a very laid back vibe or a very classy boutique cannabis business, this can be expressed through the tone of the content you provide for your audience.
    • Original cannabis content also allows you the ability to voice your opinions and viewpoints to your audience on the issues that matter most to you.
  • Enhance Your SEO
    • Search Engine Optimization is key for your businesses’ website or blog to be found in search results. Original cannabis content from CannaLance can be customized based on your SEO keywords to increase your rankings in search engines across the board.
    • Original cannabis content not only enhances your SEO. Blogging with original cannabis content on a regular basis also prevents your website or blog from becoming stagnant in search engine indexes.
  • Solidify Your Place as an Industry Knowledge Expert
    • Original cannabis content allows you to provide your audience with a fresh point of view on topics relevant to your niche. This in return helps to solidify your place as a knowledge expert and leader in the industry.
    • Providing original cannabis content on a consistent basis shows that you stay up to date and informed regarding this ever evolving industry. This helps you build trust with your audience and potential customers.

By providing original, up-to-date, accurate, and entertaining content CannaLance helps businesses get their brands noticed and drive traffic to their website through SEO optimized content. The team at CannaLance is not just a team of freelance writers. They are individuals who have spent their lives submerged in the cannabis culture and community. With over 50 years of combined firsthand experience of cannabis and the culture surrounding it, they offer extensive knowledge on cannabis and all aspects pertaining to it.

CannaLance strives to consistently stay up to date with news and changes surrounding cannabis around the world allowing them to provide original content for their clients and their personal blog that is engaging and drives traffic. Having original cannabis content on your website or blog is essential. It offers many benefits to your business or cause aside from driving traffic.  Anyone can go out and reword an existing article, but providing original and factual information allows businesses to solidify their place as knowledge experts in the industry.  If you need writing that is specific to cannabis whether it is hemp or marijuana don’t just hire any freelance writer. Instead check out the team at CannaLance where cannabis is their lifestyle and passion, not just another writing assignment.

ABOUT: CannaLance is a full-service content company that provides writing services specific to those throughout the marijuana and hemp industries spanning the globe. The team at CannaLance provides blog material, website articles, magazine publication content, social media content and more to clients throughout the cannabis industry around the world. They also offer social media management packages and provide product reviews for everything ranging from pipes to accessories, services, and more on their blog.

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