5 reasons for BioTrackTHC METRC Integration

5 Reasons You Need More Than METRC

5 Reasons You Need More Than METRC The BioTrack METRC Integration is the most complete full-vertical integration in cannabis. Contact our sales team to demo it today! If you operate in a METRC state (Alaska, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, or Oregon and soon Oklahoma and West Virginia) you […]

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New BioTrackTHC Report: Product Conversions

What is a Cannabis Point of Sale?

What is a Cannabis POS? August 10, 2017 Point-of-Sale; you’ve been told you need one, but why? Put simply, you don’t NEED one, but your life will be far more complicated without it. Unless you’re interested in creating dozens of spreadsheets to track metrics like sales and inventory and then manually monitor those spreadsheets for […]

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Picking a Dispensary Point of Sale

Picking a Dispensary Point of Sale When it comes to operating a retail dispensary, business owners can choose from a wide array of different options, from cannabis point of sale systems and full vertical business solutions to retrofitted restaurant point of sale systems and even expensive custom built systems tailored to their unique needs.  The options are […]

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How to Update Your Store Hours in BioTrackTHC

How to Update Store Hours in BioTrackTHC April 25, 2017 Denver recently passed a law that allows dispensaries to stay open until 10pm.  Previously, it was a city-wide rule that dispensaries close at 7pm.  This will allow Denver dispensaries to compete with neighboring towns as they have unique operating requirements allowing them to stay open […]

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Oregon’s SB-863 – How it Affects Licensee Compliance

Oregon SB-863: Update 435 Build Documentation UPDATED: May 10, 2017 As an extension of a previous post where we outlined what we would be doing to address the changes stemming from SB-863, we’re now releasing the build update in phases.  Here’s everything you need to know about Build 435, which addresses compliance related to SB-863. […]

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dispensary discount program

Prepare Your 4/20 Dispensary Discount Program Today

Prepare Your 4/20 Dispensary Discount Program Today April 13, 2017 Is your dispensary ready for 4/20? As the cannabis industry’s most celebrated holiday gets closer, it’s imperative to prepare as much as you can before the mass of customers next Thursday. One great way to get a jump start is to set up your Dispensary […]

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Loyalty and Referral Programs

Feature Highlight: Creating Loyalty and Referral Programs

Feature Highlight: Setup a Loyalty and Referral Program Gregory Walorski, Director of Education and Events One of the many great features that set BiotrackTHC apart is the ability for businesses to reward their patients/customers loyalty and advocacy; nothing is more powerful than loyal customers advocating on behalf of your brand. A recommendation from someone you […]

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Introducing BioTrackTHC Enhanced Discount Programs

Introducing BioTrackTHC Enhanced Discount Programs   BioTrackTHC has a new feature– enhanced discount programs! The new feature gives you complete control to schedule discounts based on Day, Hour, Item, or Product Category. Do you have a Wax Wednesday special? Daily happy hours? How about monthly promotions? With the new Discount system you can do it […]

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