Opening a Dispensary

Opening a Dispensary: The Details You Need to Know

Medical Marijuana: How to Open a Dispensary  The business of marijuana is growing as more states and countries legalize it. With forecasted sales of up to 7.3 billion dollars by 2022 in the U.S. alone, it provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to take the path less traveled.  Opening a dispensary can […]

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Recreational Marijuana in Nevada: Is It Legal?

If you enjoy smoking cannabis and are traveling to Vegas, you’re probably wondering, ‘Is weed legal in Las Vegas?’ or, ‘What are the Nevada recreational weed laws?’ Las Vegas marijuana laws have changed significantly in the last five years, making it legal for certain people to purchase, cultivate, and smoke cannabis. U.S. public perceptions around […]

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Budding Seedling

Recreating the Marijuana Industry’s Image

The marijuana industry has come a long way, but there is still the need to develop a respectable image, one that shouts legitimacy to skeptical outsiders. With all the momentum that marijuana reform is gaining among state and government officials, the industry is racing to adapt to the new freedoms. […]

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