DEA Approves Cultivation of 400,000 Grams of Marijuana Plants for Research

The marijuana industry appears to be heading in a new direction. In a major move by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, an approval was made to cultivate massive amounts of marijuana. The effort aims to provide researchers with vast amounts of marijuana to further study medicinal uses of the drug. […]

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Supreme Court: Off Duty Marijuana Use in Colorado Considered Grounds for Firing

In Colorado, it appears as though corporate law supersedes state law. Brandon Coats has been a quadriplegic for nearly a decade. He lost all use of his lower limbs and most functionality of his upper limbs in a car accident. On a daily basis, he has to endure violent, uncontrollable, muscle spasms in his limbs. […]

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The Need For More Funding For Cannabis Research

Throughout the world, researchers are scouring for investors to fund their work with an illegal plant that has strong ties to treating epileptic seizures, Crohn’s disease, insomnia and anxiety. But despite the beneficial results that carry no harmful side effects, marijuana is still seen by many as a mysterious and stigmatized entity; a Schedule I drug. […]

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