Company Spotlight: Evolab

services-consultingCompany Spotlight: Evolab

The Extraction Scientists

Year Founded: 2009

Company Focus: Creating pharmaceutical grade extracts while capturing the full terpene profile spectrum to preserve the integrity of the plant.syringe-chroma

Chroma – At up to 95% THC, Chroma is almost purely cannabinoids. By utilizing pharmaceutical grade CO2 extraction methods, EvoLab is able to produce a pure, vaporizer friendly product with absolutely no toxic chemicals or additives.freshterps-jar



FreshTerps – The first concentrate specifically manufactured to maintain your favorite strains’ full terpene profile. FreshTerps contains about 20% THC, meaning they can be taken on their own or as a flavorful addition to other cannabis products.

Alchemy – The beautiful hybrid of Chroma and FreshTerps, Alchemy combines potency and flavor to recreate your favorite flower, including the terpene effects, in a vaporizer pen.

What is the most challenging aspect of the cannabis industry?

It’s such a new industry with ever changing regulations. Keeping pace with changing regulations to deal with things like banking and rules are good examples.

What do you want Evolab to be known for?

Evolab is all about science, consistency, and integrity. We go great lengths to preserve the integrity of the cannabis plant, because we know it takes all of the elements in cannabis to make THC great.

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