Feature Highlight: Creating Loyalty and Referral Programs

Loyalty and Referral Programs

Feature Highlight: Setup a Loyalty and Referral Program

Gregory Walorski, Director of Education and Events

One of the many great features that set BiotrackTHC apart is the ability for businesses to reward their patients/customers loyalty and advocacy; nothing is more powerful than loyal customers advocating on behalf of your brand. A recommendation from someone you know and trust is unmatched. By offering loyalty points, you encourage customers to shop exclusively at your business. Additionally, customers who make referrals are motivated to make sure everyone they know shops there because the more people they refer, the more they can ultimately earn.

When an existing customer refers one of their friends, the two profiles are able to be linked together; when the referred customer makes a purchase, the referrer can also earn loyalty points on that purchase. You can even set how many points the referring customer earns. A best practice followed by many of our clients is to set it up so that a customer will earn one point per every dollar spent, but the referring customer only earns .25 points when their friend spends a dollar. Follow these simple steps to setup a Loyalty and Customer Referral Program in minutes! **Note – We always encourage our customers to try out new features in Training Mode before doing it in the Live program.

Before doing this, it’s important to note that you must have a loyalty program setup first. Follow these simple steps to setup your loyalty and referral program in minutes:

  • Go to Administration
  • Select “Loyalty”
  • Select “Points System Setup”

This is where you can configure a loyalty program if you don’t already have one. Simply enter the desired amount of points earned per dollar spent and the dollar value of points; customers will be able to redeem points for products based on the dollar value you assign to points (1). Next, decide how many points you would like the referrer to receive per dollar spent by the referred customer; again, best practice for many of our customers is .25 points per dollar spent by the referred customer, but you can do it however you’d like. Once you have the points system set up, then look up a customer and go to the Marketing tab:

Loyalty and Referral Program - BioTrackTHC

1. (Click)

  • First use the customer lookup button on the right hand side to find the customer
  • Select the customer, then, within the customer lookup window, select the “Marketing” tab (2)
  • Click the “Customer Referral” button and lookup the customer who referred them (3)
  • Once you’ve selected the referring customer, click “Update” and you’re done!

Now, after the referred customer makes a purchase, you should notice the points accumulating in both the purchasing customer’s profile, as well as the referrer’s profile. To test this out before going live, we always encourage customers to give this a try first in Training Mode. For any questions, concerns, or to receive assistance in setting this up, contact our training team today.

marketing tab
2. (Click)
Customer Referral Tab
3. (Click)


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