Cultivation Facility

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Cultivation Facilities have a lot of moving pieces.

BioTrackTHC’s Cultivation Operations system simplifies the process.

By streamlining work flows and providing key data points necessary to maximize yields, BioTrackTHC provides unparalleled business intelligence and data.

The system acts as a digital representation of your physical site with custom rooms and tables making it incredibly fast and easy to locate individual plants. Quickly set plant reminders or take advantage of the Strain Notes to keep light or water schedules consistent.

BioTrackTHC’s industry leading seed-to-sale security protocols record activity by unique PIN or biometric finger print. This added level of security increases accuracy and transparency while keeping employees accountable for every nutrient applications or room to room movement.

Easily maintain a compliant operation by recording flower, trim and other byproduct weights then track converted items like extracts for edibles in one simple interface. BioTrackTHC makes it easy to trace converted products to the source material while recording the complete chain of custody in the event of a recall.

Focus on growing knowing the system is predicated on enforcing transparency, accountability, and compliance.

BioTrackTHC is officially certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures

NTEP Certified is a status granted to systems that have the highest level of accuracy when reporting weight based transactions. The National Conference on Weights and Measures is responsible for evaluating and awarding NTEP classification.

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 Seed to Sale Cultivation Features

Harvest/Cure Settings

Weight Wet? Trim Dry? Top Cut? BioTrackTHC supports custom workflows, multiple collection points, and grade product upon curing.

Yield Forecasting

Predict yields; 30, 60, 90 days out based on previous harvest data and growing conditions.

Genealogy Tracking

Record plant genetics, track cross breeding, and monitor clone potency results.

“Having opened a cultivation facility in early 2016, my employees and I are still very new to seed to sale software. The BioTrackTHC team has been fantastic at helping us work through our growing pains. They are always available to help, are very professional and patient, and they know the software from top to bottom.”
Thanks, you guys are awesome! –Jay, Matrix NV LLC, NV
“Having an experienced consultant come help train us on BioTrackTHC was incredibly beneficial to our understanding of the software. There are so many pieces to BioTrackTHC that we wouldn’t have been able to utilize otherwise. I’ve attempted to learn tracking software in the past, but they’ve ended in a mess. Deciding to have someone come out here to train us was a great decision because now we feel confident in our ability to functionally use BioTrackTHC.  Even if we do fall into a point of confusion, our onsite consultant is always quick to respond. I completely recommend having someone who knows BioTrackTHC to train your team.”
George, Advanced Grow Labs, CT

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