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Experience Matters

We work directly with cultivators to understand the key needs of commercial cannabis cultivation; as the first cannabis seed-to-sale software to integrate cultivation into a full vertical solution, we know the intricacies and challenges faced by each and every grower. Our comprehensive, all-in-one business solution can help you easily monitor thousands of plants while remaining compliant and utilizing tools to customize workflows, optimize your yields, and maximize efficiencies.

Compliant Cultivation Software

Let us worry about compliance, so you can focus on cultivating our industry’s future.

  • Custom Compliance-Focused Reporting

  • Track Waste, Destruction, Account for Conversion and Moisture Loss

  • Real-Time Product and Strain Recalls

  • Easily Track Clones Back to Mothers

  • Transport Manifests With All Required Info – Transport Product With Ease

  • Compliance-Focused Labels

Customized to Your Grow

Cultivation Seed to SaleOur on-site training team has helped implement custom workflows into the BioTrackTHC solution for hundreds of cultivation facilities in over 25 states, D.C., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Don’t change your cultivation operations to meet the needs of your cannabis seed-to-sale software.  With BioTrackTHC, you can completely customize your systems workflows, sort rooms by growth stage, setup employee permissions and restrictions – and so much more – to meet the ever-changing needs of your licensed cultivation facility.


Implement custom workflows that tailor your cannabis seed-to-sale tracking software to your preferred growing methods.  Support the weighing of multiple, wet or dry, plant byproducts, collect key data points to help you analyze your efforts and optimize future yields, and grade product immediately upon curing so customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Monitor Applications

Keep track of pesticides and nutrients applied to determine the most effective applications for each given strain.  Log Strain Notes to monitor light and watering cycles and review past Harvest Data to analyze your successes and begin predicting yields 30, 60, 90 days out.  Easily setup reminders for watering and nutrient cycles so you never skip a beat!

Genealogy Tracking

Using the unique 16-digit identifier (barcode), you can track clones directly back to the mother plant to monitor ongoing potency results, record and track cross-breeding and specific plant genetics, allowing you to get the most out of your growth efforts.

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All-In-One Cannabis Business Solution

  • Customize Workflows to Meet Your Growth Process

  • Genealogy Tracking to Monitor Efforts and Optimize Yields

  • Harvest and Cure Settings to Weigh Product Your Way

  • Integrated Scales for Easy and Accurate Weighing – Reflects Right on Your Screen

  • Compliance-Focused Seed-to-Sale Tracking

  • Setup Reminders for Watering Cycles, Nutrient Applications and More

  • Live Email and Phone Support – Nights/Weekends Included

  • Offline Mode*

  • You Own and Control Your Data

  • 100+ Customizable Reports to Keep You Compliant and Help Analyze Your Efforts

  • Monitor Employee Activity with Action Logs and Setup Permissions/Restrictions

  • Only Server Based System in the Industry – Increased Security and Simple Remote Access

*Contact your BioTrackTHC representative for more info.

Take advantage of our product enhancements to get the most out of your BioTrackTHC solution

BT Command Center

  • Automated Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

  • Mobile-Responsive Reporting

  • Employee Task Manager to Command Your Business On the Go

BT Menu Boards

  • Integrated Digital Displays

  • Automatically Updates with Your System

  • Visually Display Your Products and Product Details

“BioTrackTHC was one of the better experiences I had in our first season as licensed Cannabis growers. I had a mental block and fear about more tech and software being part of my life. BiotrackTHC’s friendly staff and tech support cured me of this phobia and were there for me every step of the way. I highly recommend Biotrack to any of you about to enter the Cannabis business.”
Thomas, Licensed Cannabis Cultivator

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