Prepare Your 4/20 Dispensary Discount Program Today

dispensary discount program

Prepare Your 4/20 Dispensary Discount Program Today


Are you ready for 4/20? As the cannabis industry’s biggest holiday approaches, it’s imperative to prepare before the mass of customers next Thursday. One great way to get a jump start is to setup your Dispensary Point of Sale system with any special discounts you might be running ahead of time, leaving you more time to prepare for the inevitable flood of customers. If you’re using the BioTrackTHC Dispensary Point of Sale, this is easy to do by utilizing the Enhanced Discount Program’s automatic scheduler. The highly customizable discount program allows you to create and schedule discounts days, and even weeks, ahead of time.

Here are a couple discount examples that dispensaries may wish to incorporate next week for 4/20…or for any upcoming events or promotions.  To locate the discount feature, click the “Customers” tab, then in the shortcuts on the right-hand side, click “Discount Programs.”  Now that we’ve opened up the Discount Programs Window, we can set up our Discounts:

4/20 Week Special: 20% off entire ticket (of course, you can enter whatever percentage you’d like) – Enter the Discount Name (always be descriptive so you can avoid duplicates), Code, Max Number of Uses Per Ticket and if the discount is a dollar or percentage amount. To schedule the Discount, click Discount Auto Apply. Enable Day of Week, Check the desired days, in this case Sunday-Thursday, then Set the Date Range. Click Save.  If you want to limit the discount to specific categories/products you may do so, otherwise the discount will apply to the entire ticket.

Enhanced Functionality Alert: Generate external barcodes for flyers, coupons, or online-promos!


4/20 Thursday Wax Special: $4.20 off Grams of Wax- Enter $4.20 for the discount amount. Set the Day to Thursday (4/20/17) and Date Range to 4/19-4/21. Select Wax from the Product drop-down. Enter the max uses per ticket if desired (can I get $4.20 off on EACH gram of wax, or a single gram?). Click Save. Any Wax sold on Thursday, April 20th, will automatically have $4.20 deducted without any extra work from your team. If you wanted to restrict the hours of the discount, you can do so by Enabling Valid Hours on the “Discount Auto-Apply” tab within the Discount Programs Window, and selecting the start and end times.

Once the holiday has subsided, you can utilize 2 specialized reports to help visualize the impact of each discount. The “Discount Auto Apply” report shows a log of all discount programs and a timestamp for each change. To make things easier, you can run the report by “User” or “Discount” and sort the fields however you like. The 2nd report is the “Discount Details”, which is the fastest way to see the total financial implications of the discount.  These can be found on the “Reports” tab, click the drop-down and select, “Sales” and both report options are in the list view.

Discount Programs can be found under the Shortcuts section of the BioTrackTHC Point of Sale when selecting the “Customers” tab.

For any questions or concerns, or if you need assistance in setting this up, please contact our support team and one of our dedicated representatives will contact you shortly.

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