Our Dispensary POS software solution was designed specifically for licensed cannabis businesses


Report required info to any state system & collect valuable data and insights on your business.
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Eliminate data entry and human error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen. Weigh directly into the computer, scan patient ID’s and populate customer profiles, with a single action.


Out-of-the-Box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to reward loyal customers and referrals. Setup targeted email and text campaigns based on customer’s favorite products, last visit date, purchase history, birthdays and more.


Create individual customer profiles to help treat all of your customers like regulars. Keep track of special preferences, medical preferences, purchase history, rewards points and more.


Setup discounts based on date, time, product, brand and more, plus employee weigh heavy and daily discount allowances. Reward the loyal customers with our exclusive loyalty points program or reward them with certain products/promotions. Setup is a synch.


Compliance can be stressful which is why we make sure you never over dispense to a patient or customer. The system tracks limits based on type and equivalency. No matter where you operate, we have you covered!

Now offering Online Ordering, Digital Menu Displays and CRM Tools through our dedicated integration partners!

What is a dispensary POS system?


A dispensary POS system, or dispensary point-of-sale system, is a software that allows you to make and track sales transactions of legal cannabis in your dispensary. A good dispensary POS system will help you track product inventory, run in-depth sales analysis reports and report the appropriate data to your state or country’s reporting system.

Selecting the right dispensary POS to partner with can make a big difference in the success of your dispensary operations. Good POS systems are easy for budtenders to learn and use, help prevent over dispensing and most importantly keep accurate records to keep your license and your business safe. BioTrack has the best POS system for marijuana dispensary operators.

While there are many cannabis POS systems on the market, not all are created equal. BioTrack has been focused on creating the best dispensary POS, and other medical marijuana dispensary software since 2010. We’ve worked alongside dispensary owners and operators to create not only one of the best cannabis POS systems in the market but also a robust dispensary management system software that is compatible with the mandated reporting system in every legal jurisdiction.

BioTrack’s industry-leading cannabis POS will help your dispensary operations run effectively and efficiently. BioTrack was built from the ground up, specifically for the legal cannabis industry and will work as a hemp POS software as well. Our team of dedicated engineers work hand-in-hand with our government affairs team to understand the complexities of the laws in every legal market. They then take this information and program the software so that compliance is built-in. We also understand that the legal landscape and regulations can change quite often, so we are continuously updating our system to make sure our customers are always compliant.

Not only can BioTrack’s recreational and medical marijuana POS system help to keep you compliant, but it can also help you improve your operations and understanding of your business. The backend of our dispensary POS system has a ton of reports to help you track everything from top selling products and strains to discounts by employees and everything in between. We even have an optional cannabis data analytics and business intelligence tool designed specifically to help dispensary owners and operators gather key insights to make more informed business decisions.

At BioTrack we understand there is a lot on the line when it comes to running a compliant and successful dispensary, and we know that choosing the right dispensary management and POS software can make a big difference. That’s why we’re proud that 80% of multi-state cannabis operators have chosen BioTrack as their dispensary point of sale systems partner. BioTrack ensures they have the best pos system for marijuana dispensary operators.

Actionable Intelligence  •  Advanced Customer Segmentation  •  Unrivaled Insights

Cannalytics takes the data that you are already collecting and turns it into a powerful yet easy to use cannabis business intelligence tool to help you successfully run and scale your business. With daily reports delivered right to your inbox, Cannalytics will give you the insights you need to make important business decisions.


Regardless of your license type or business solution, these features are always present.
inventory management cannabis software


Track and manage thousands of plants and products down to the exact milligram and quickly audit your entire inventory.

integrated hardware cannabis software


Eliminate data entry and human error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen.

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We understand every business is different, so we offer both cloud-based service as well as locally-hosted solutions.

Learn more about Hosting Solutions

custom labels cannabis software


Create customizable labels with your company information, logo, and so much more!


We work directly with cannabis dispensary owners to understand their business model and identify key needs

Through almost a decade of experience, we’ve worked with dispensaries and dispensary owners to understand the cannabis business model and identify key needs of licensed operators to create a compliant marijuana POS system that boasts a comprehensive suite of additional tools to help you run every aspect of your business.


Compliance is in our minds through all facets of our seed-to-sale cannabis software

Seed-to-Sale Tracking Solution

Our extensive seed-to-sale cannabis tracking software allows licensed operators to remain compliant while helping to identify key data points to streamline and optimize inventory management at each phase of the operation; cultivation, processing, destruction and waste, transportation, lab testing and dispensing.

    • Automatically Report Required Data to State System’s
    • Custom Compliance-Focused Reporting
    • Track Waste, Destruction and Account for Conversion and Moisture Losses
    • Transport Manifests With All Necessary Information
    • Real-Time Product Recalls
    • Compliant Labels Customized with Your Business Logo, Name, and Much More
    • Industry-Leading Security Standards

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Hand-selected integration partners to provide an array of services to your business.


A comprehensive approach to presenting your business’ data in a logical and easy to use format

The Cannalytics platform is a powerful data insights tool to help organizations in the cannabis industry make intelligent business decisions. With a mix of data analysis and machine learning algorithms, the Cannalytics platform will allow businesses to not only judge their overall performance, but provide the business intelligence to allow a company to grow.

online ordering cannabis point of sale biotrackthc
Using integrated business intelligence, DataOwl creates an in-store technology network tapped directly into your cannabis POS.

DataOwl uses all the data you accumulate from your customers, products, and operations to create unparalleled insights into your business. Automated campaigns based on purchase behavior, digital menus that update real time with your inventory, and an online ordering solution integrated with BioTrackTHC’s cannabis POS to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.



Our dedicated team of industry insiders is unmatched.

We will help you analyze your business’s custom workflows and optimize the system to meet your needs.

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A BioTrackTHC representative can visit you on-site to walk you through setup, employee training, advanced reporting functions and anything else you’re itching to learn about.

Our field experts have helped implement custom workflows to hundreds of cannabis businesses in over 28 states. They’ll help you effectively utilize your BioTrackTHC system to allow you to analyze your cultivation yields, optimize retail inventory, and get the most out of your seed-to-sale cannabis software. Includes support with system troubleshooting and new feature training and implementation.

application support consulting


BioTrackTHC representatives can assist you in the process of completing and submitting the best cannabis business license application possible.

Our representatives already know your state’s cannabis rules and regulations inside and out, so let us do the hard part by providing you with detailed outlines on how the BioTrackTHC system meets, and often exceeds, the regulations set forth by your state for cannabis traceability.

Here is what some of our partners have to say

Reef Dispensaries, Nevada


The result of our implementation of BioTrackTHC is a robust system that provides me the answers to my questions about inventory and sales.  I can’t thank the BioTrackTHC team enough for helping us not only in our most critical times, but also for the all the post-implementation and ongoing support.  In short, I can not imagine our operations without BioTrackTHC.  I recommend any company looking to work with professionals in the industry to contact BiotrackTHC.


Have one of our industry experts show you the ins and outs of our system.

Plans vary by state.
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