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Experience Matters

Through almost a decade of experience, we’ve worked with dispensaries and dispensary owners to understand the cannabis business model and identify key needs of licensed operators to create a compliant Dispensary Point of Sale system that boasts a comprehensive suite of additional business tools to help you run every aspect of your business.  

Compliant Dispensary Point-of-Sale


Let us worry about compliance, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Custom Compliance-Focused Reporting

  • Track Product Expiration Dates, Destruction, and Account for Conversions into prerolls and more.

  • Transport Manifests With All Required Info – Prepare and Print in Minutes

  • Real-Time Patient and Customer Limit Tracking to Avoid Over-Dispensing

  • Real-Time Product Recalls, Including Expiration Tracking

  • Compliance-Focused Labels Customized with Your Business Logo, Name, and More

Customized to Your Business

When it comes to operating a retail dispensary, business owners can choose from a wide array of different point of sale options; from cannabis-specific point of sale systems and full vertical business solutions to retrofitted restaurant point of sale systems and even expensive custom built systems tailored to your unique needs.  BioTrackTHC’s dispensary point of sale was designed specifically for cannabis businesses and their unique needs for compliance and operational use.  Check out this handy guide on some of the unique necessities to look for when picking a dispensary point of sale system.

Our on-site training team has helped implement custom workflows into the BioTrackTHC solution for thousands of cannabis businesses in over 25 states, D.C., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Don’t change your business to meet the needs of your dispensary point of sale.  With BioTrackTHC, you can completely customize your systems workflows, inventory, permissions, and so much more, to meet the ever-changing needs of your licensed cannabis business.

Integrated Hardware

We offer a wide-array of approved hardware that will integrate directly with your BioTrackTHC Dispensary Point of Sale system.  Take advantage of integrated scales that populate weight and calculate price right on your computer screen, virtually eliminating human error, minimizing data entry, and tracking your inventory down to the exact milligram with our NTEP certified system.  We also offer *ID Scanners that will allow you to automatically scan Driver’s Licenses and Patient Registrations to make check-in a breeze.

*ID Scanning features vary by state.

Data-Driven Marketing

Take advantage of easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.  Put your Dispensary’s Point of Sale data into action with targeted email and text blasts based on purchase date, new inventory, and to quickly move through product nearing expiration.  Plus, mobilize your most valuable marketing tool – your customers – by setting up loyalty and referral programs to reward return customers and word-of-mouth.

Automated Discounts

Setup your discounts days, even weeks, ahead of time.  Discounts can be configured by day of the week, time of day, brand/product type, and so much more.  Plus, you can include employee permissions for things like weigh-heavy and daily discount allowances so your employees can help reconcile upset customers, reward your regulars, and not bother you when doing it!  Set discount allowances per employee, per day, so only your most trusted employees are authorized to provide on-the-fly discounts.

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All-In-One Cannabis Business Solution

  • Compliance-Focused Seed-to-Sale Tracking

  • Customize Workflows to Meet the Needs of Your Business

  • Live Email and Phone Support – Nights/Weekends Included

  • Set Custom Employee Restrictions, Including Fingerprint Authorization and Pin Code Access

  • You Own and Control Your Data

  • 100+ Customizable Reports to Keep You Compliant and Help Analyze Your Business

  • Monitor Granular Employee Activity with Action Logs and Time Clock Features

  • Offline Mode*

  • Only Server Based System in the Industry – Allows Increased Security and Secure Remote Access

  • CRM Tools Based on Dispensary Point of Sale Data

  • Easily Setup Loyalty and Referral Programs

  • Integrated Hardware to Eliminate Human Error and Reduce Data Entry

*Contact your BioTrackTHC representative for more info.

Take advantage of our product enhancements to get the most out of your BioTrackTHC solution

BT Command Center

  • Automated Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

  • Mobile-Responsive Reporting

  • Employee Task Manager to Command Your Business On the Go

BT Menu Boards

  • Integrated Digital Displays

  • Automatically Update with Your System

  • Visually Display Your Products and Product Details

“Switching to BioTrackTHC has made our dispensary run much more smoothly. The reports are significantly more in depth than our previous POS system. The entire program is very user-friendly and makes each person’s job very easy and efficient.”
Heather, Dispensary Manager, Powell House Cannabis Club

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