Online Ordering

The Retail 2.0 movement starts with convenient and accessible technology

The future of dispensary retail will require businesses to create multi-channel access strategies and a memorable customer experience through convenient and simple buying processes.  Consumers no longer call your business or come in to check it out; the experience starts when they look you up online.


Display your entire inventory conveniently on your website with real-time inventory updates

Seamless Experience

Integrated directly with the BioTrackTHC cannabis POS and your dispensary inventory, creating a seamless ordering process for users and consumers

Increase Sales

In other industries, the addition of online ordering represents a 30% increase in incremental sales

Online Ordering Partners

Through our integration partners, BioTrackTHC is now able to offer an easy-to-use online ordering portal that creates a memorable customer experience

online ordering cannabis pos biotrackthc

In today’s technology-driven buying process, businesses cannot afford to be surpassed by the competition due to limited channel access and only selling through a brick and mortar location.  Online Ordering and creating an outstanding customer experience is the future of cannabis retail. The technology that you utilize in your business is essential to creating a memorable and smooth customer experience starting where customers always find you first; online!


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