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What A Good Website Can Do for Your Dispensary

Every dispensary should have a good website. Here’s why.

It’s an exciting time to be in the cannabis industry. As more and more states move to allow medical and recreational sales, the field has blown up with dynamic young businesses exploring a wide-open market. This is especially true for dispensaries. The rules of the trade are only emerging, and cannabis entrepreneurs are finding new and creative ways to stand out among their peers every day.

Whatever the industry, however, a well thought out and maintained website is crucial to success. The benefits of a website are enormous, and having one can make the difference between scraping by as a fledgling start-up or thriving as a growing retailer. Here are a few ways that a well-designed website can help your cannabis dispensary succeed.

Building A Solid Brand

In a competitive market, any given business needs to find a way to stand out. What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Perhaps you pride yourself on your knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service. Perhaps you offer a variety of products that other places can’t. Anyone who is lucky enough to walk into your storefront will learn these things for themselves, but how is the rest of your potential clientele going to find out? Why should they walk into your cannabis dispensary, and not the one that’s two blocks closer to their home?

A good website doesn’t just advertise your products, services or location—it allows you to broadcast a clear message to potential customers and patients that sets you apart from the competition. It gives potential customers a reason to choose you over them.

Maximizing Exposure

As market options increase, consumers rely more and more on the Internet to determine where to take their money. In the age of Google, it’s crucial to have a website in order for people to find your business. Not only does a good website make you available to people looking for your store, if designed and maintained properly it can rank prominently in search engine results and give you an edge over the competition.

The days of circulars and bus stop ads are waning. The web is the new phone book. If you want to be found, you need a website.

Keeping Customers Informed

Not only can your website provide crucial information like business hours, location, and special offerings, it’s an excellent platform for keeping customers up to date on new developments in your business or industry. Offering this information can benefit your dispensary in more ways than one: it keeps your product and services on your customers’ minds, and it builds the brand reputation we mentioned earlier by positioning you as a trustworthy authority.

Your website is your way of communicating with current and potential customers when they aren’t in your store.

Enhancing Ease of Use

A good website can attract customers by integrating multiple functions that appeal to consumers. Your website can be designed to reflect updated menu offerings, facilitate ordering, schedule deliveries and more. Businesses in more conventional industries have enjoyed tremendous success by adapting to web-based services. Cannabis dispensaries would be foolish not to follow their lead.

Building a Loyal Following

For all the reasons we’ve discussed, a website can be an excellent tool for generating brand loyalty and return business. When customers feel they can depend on you for ease of use, reliable information and good service, they are more likely to pick you over your competitors for their cannabis needs. A well-developed website puts you in a position to gain your customers’ trust, and to keep them coming back.

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