Helix Exchange

Wholesale Cannabis & Hemp Exchange

Transparent & Reliable Transactions

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Helix Exchange is a fully electronic, compliant, transparent exchange and the technology leader for buying, selling and tracking wholesale cannabis and hemp transactions.

The core function of this marketplace is to ensure fair and orderly transactions, as well as efficient dissemination of price information, for products bought and sold on Helix Exchange.

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Safe  •  Reliable  •  Compliant

Once a buyer purchases products, the seller is notified of the sale. From there, funds are deposited into a secure account, which will hold the money until delivery is completed, signed and accepted. After delivery has been finalized, the funds are transferred to the buyers account. Every step of the order is tracked and recorded on Helix Exchange, making the process clear and precise.

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Innovative Solutions  •  Cutting-Edge Technology  •  Compliant Marketplace

Helix Exchange operates at the wholesale level; it is not designed for retail end users. All transacting members of the marketplace are licensed stakeholders, growers, manufacturers and retailers competing for the best pricing and products on a transparent platform.

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