FAQ of the Week 2: Recording Data Entry During Harvest

FAQ of the Week #2 – Recording Data Entry During Harvest

February 12, 2018

BioTrackTHC’s cannabis software was designed with transparency and accountability in mind. This means that every gram is tracked and every plant destruction event is recorded all while adhering to your unique rules and regulations as well as your preferred cultivation process. This guide will focus on how the BioTrackTHC system records data inputs while harvesting cannabis. To learn about how cultivators organize, record, and monitor their facility, click here for our FAQ of the Week #1: Cultivation First Steps.

As exciting as harvesting cannabis can be, it’s important to remember that the data collected here not only helps predict future yields, but is critical to reporting for compliance purposes. Not to mention that this process can mean thousands of individual plants and hundreds of pounds of varying product, byproduct and waste; needless to say, it’s a lot to keep track of. BioTrackTHC’s harvest options are ideal for craft cultivators and warehouse growers alike. The ability to harvest plants individually or in batches provides cultivators of all sizes with tools to manage compliance without becoming a burden.

When harvesting cannabis, many cultivators will record the plants “wet weight” prior to beginning the curing process. Doing so allows cultivators to monitor moisture loss and maintain consistency across multiple generations of harvests. Did you know that BioTrackTHC is the only seed to sale solution that supports a direct connection between your scale and computer? This small feature eliminates human error and institutes an added level of transparency for BioTrackTHC partners. Weigh your product on your scale and have it directly reflected and recorded in your system.

BioTrackTHC also records detailed notes when destroying plants for compliance and accountability purposes. Each destruction event records the date, time, the employee responsible, and reason for destruction. In the that event management or an inspector requests additional information, it’s simple to access through BioTrackTHC as inventory action logs cannot be deleted or altered thereby creating a complete chain of custody and accountability that cannot be manually manipulated.

This post addresses the following FAQ’s, which were identified as key questions that our users commonly ask.

Where can I change the data input options when harvesting?

How can I undo a batch of plants so that I can harvest them individually?

Can BioTrackTHC do predictive yield forecasting for plants?

How do I undo a destruction notification?

Can you install 2 scales on the same terminal?

In our next FAQ of the week post, learn how BioTrackTHC tracks conversions, generates purchase orders, and calculates Cost Per Unit. Do you have questions about BioTrackTHC’s Cultivation Management software? Please submit them to faq@biotrackthc.com to get the question and answer added to our website and potentially addressed in a future post! For urgent requests, please contact support.

To learn more about BioTrackTHC’s cultivation management solution, cannabis processing solution, or our dispensary POS system, contact our knowledgeable sales team.

Since 2010, BioTrack has provided the legal cannabis operators with the industries’ leading seed to sale tracking and dispensary point of sale software. Whether you operate a cultivation site, manufacturing and processing facility, medical or recreational dispensary or a business that covers the full vertical, we’ve got you covered when it comes to compliance.

Our extensive seed-to-sale software allows licensed operators to remain compliant while helping to identify key data points to streamline and optimize inventory management at each phase of the operation; cultivation, processing, destruction and waste, transportation, lab testing and dispensing.

Along with BioTrack’s best-in-class commercial software, we also provide government track and trace solutions and currently hold government contracts in nine states. This allows lawmakers and regulatory agencies to ensure a transparent and compliant program from top to bottom.

In 2021 BioTrack became a part of Forian, Inc. Forian is a Delaware corporation created by the combination of Helix Technologies, Inc. (“Helix”) and Medical Outcomes Research Analytics, LLC (“MOR”). As of March 2, 2021, each of Helix and MOR are wholly owned subsidiaries of Forian. Forian represents the unique intersection of a leading cannabis technology platform with intelligent data science yielding the combined power to drive innovation and transparency across the healthcare and cannabis industries. For more information, see our website, which remains in process.

Are you interested in learning more about BioTrack or the cannabis industry in general? Check out our careers page to learn more about what it takes to join our winning team or take a look at our industry-leading blog for great news and information about the cannabis industry.

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