Why can some of my employees enter or edit the cost per unit but others can’t? (T/C)

BioTrackTHC gives you the ability to hide the cost per unit from specific users. The ability to enter, edit, or view the cost per unit is a User Permission called “View Cost Per Unit”. If the user that is logged in does not have this permission they will not have access to this function. Only an Admin user can edit user profiles. To edit a user’s profile got to the Admin dropdown, Users, Modify Users. Choose the user you want to update. Select the location you want to edit that user’s permissions for then make the appropriate changes to their permissions for that location. Be sure to click on the “Update” button to save those changes for that location. If you have multiple locations you can then select the next location and make changes to the user’s permissions at that location and repeat the previous steps. Once all the changes have been made and updated you must click the OK button to finalize the modifications.

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