Initiative 300 Could Legalize Cannabis Clubs in Denver

Initiative 300 Could Legalize Cannabis Clubs in Denver

Initiative 300 Could Legalize Cannabis Clubs in Denver


Although you can lawfully purchase marijuana in Colorado, finding a place where consumption is legal can be tricky. Not just for tourists either. Some tax-paying residents aren’t even able to consume cannabis within their own residence, due to rules set by condo associations and housing authorities.

This year Denver is hoping to change that. Some cannabis clubs already exist in smaller Colorado cities and towns, but Denver is aiming for a more scalable and comprehensive solution. Tomorrow residents will have the opportunity to vote on a four-year-pilot program that would allow restricted use of marijuana within permitted Denver businesses, such as bars, cafes, and yoga studios. The new measure is called Initiative 300.

The goal is to create a solution for users to enjoy cannabis in a social setting, similar to how many consume alcohol. This measure would most likely help to reduce public consumption by giving residents and tourists a place where they can legally consume cannabis, without harming the public.

Here are a few things residents should know about Initiative 300:

  • Indoor facilities would allow vaping and edibles – outdoor facilities would allow smoking.
  • Applicants would require backing from a single neighborhood group (i.e. city-registered neighborhood association or business improvement district. These groups would have the option to set operation terms and conditions in exchange for their support.
  • The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act would still apply to all businesses.
  • Facilities would need to be 1,000 feet from any schools.
  • If passed, it would give Denver police another option besides issuing a citation for public consumption.
  • The initiative’s language and intent allows for adjustments to be made along the way, if necessary.

2016 could be a watershed year for cannabis. 10 years ago only 32 percent of Americans supported marijuana legalization. Today that number has increased to 60 percent.  On November 8th, nine more states will vote on initiatives that would reform current marijuana laws. Industry experts feel that the outcome of this year’s marijuana ballot initiatives could put more pressure on Congress, the DEA, and the FDA to end federal prohibition.  If you’d like more information on the marijuana ballot initiatives in your state, check out, for ongoing election coverage.

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