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BioTrack Integrated Payments


The industry’s leading dispensary point-of-sale provider brings you an innovative new way to take payments

How much is cash costing you?


By limiting your patients’ and customers’ payment options to only cash, you also limit your dispensary’s ability to increase revenue. Giving the option to pay by card allows them the freedom to make impulse buys that they may not have budgeted for, and also gives your budtenders the ability to upsell at the time of the transaction. Combined, these two simple factors have been shown to lead to an increased average order value when compared to cash only solutions.


See for yourself…



*Not sure about your average transactions or average ticket prices? Check out Helix Cannalytics for all of your dispensary’s data on demand.

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No apps for customers to download. No cryptocurrency or pre-paid accounts. Just a convenient payment solution for you and your customers.



Multiple redundant fail-safes and backups are built into the payment system to make sure you never miss a sale.



Simple upfront terms with no surprise fees. The security and trustworthiness you expect from BioTrack now in a payment solution.

Built For The Future

For far too long the legal cannabis industry has been in limbo when it comes to payment solutions, but with more states moving toward legalization and lawmakers taking notice of the industry, that will soon be a thing of the past. Once federal protections are in place, many of the payment processing solutions we see in the industry today will become obsolete or unable to compete with larger companies.

The BioTrack integrated payment solution was built with future compliance in mind. When the day comes that major credit cards are able to be accepted, we will simply provide your terminals a quick update and you will be off and running.

No need for new hardware and no need for a new company.

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