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While state or county compliance requirements will likely dictate your final equipment decisions, the specifications listed here will allow you to select Equipment and Integrated Hardware Partners that are needed to support the BioTrackTHC System. We trust that these carefully selected commercial grade devices, that have been proven in the field, will serve you well for years to come!

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Please review the Supported Equipment, Integrated Hardware List, and Partners. BioTrackTHC cannot guarantee the integration of unsupported hardware.

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Official BioTrack Partners

From Online Ordering and Digital Menu Boards to Integrated Hardware and Wholesale Supplies Marketplace.

Data Owl
Customer Experience Technology Partner

For dispensary point-of-sale (POS) users only: The data in your dispensary POS system is the key to your business’ success. DataOwl gives you the tools you need to put that data to use through Online Ordering functionality, Digital Menu Displays, and an intelligent SMS text messaging tool, all updating in real-time with your POS inventory levels.

Heart Jane Logo
Customer Experience Technology Partner
Jane is the most advanced eCommerce tool in cannabis, integrated into your POS and populating your menu from the largest content database in the industry.
star micronics
Hardware Partner

Star Micronics has established itself as a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools and precision parts. Star Micronics is one of the most innovative companies in its target industries, they also hold the philosophy to carry out operations with eco-friendly practices.

Cannabis Creative Logo
Corporate Partner

Cannabis Creative Group is a digital marketing firm dedicated to helping clients increase visibility online, enhance conversions and achieve business goals through performance-driven marketing solutions. The agency is unique among marketing firms in that they specialize in cannabis-based businesses.

BioTrackTHC compliant labels and hardware equipment partner
Hardware Partner

Compliant labeling solutions and the hardware needed to print them.

Customer Experience Technology Partner

Dispensary Loyalty and Rewards Software: Superior marketing technology and strategy allow businesses to build strong customer relationships by harnessing their dispensary POS system. springbig drives increased retention, increased visit frequency, and increased spending through SMS messaging, loyalty and rewards programs, and fully integrated technology to better reach your clients and drive powerful results, instantly.

BioTrackTHC Hardware - equipment partner
Hardware Partner

Everything you’ll need to get your BioTrack setup with fully integrated hardware and a smooth customer service experience. Labels, printers, scales, you name it, RMBP has it!

cannabis IT - equipment partner BioTrackTHC
Hardware Partner

Point of sale terminals, servers, fully configured networks – everything you’ll need to establish your IT infrastructure at your business.

Corporate Partner

Your BioTrackTHC Implementation Partner for Dispensary, Cultivation, and Manufacturing. We have the required experience to understand your specific needs in terms of Hardware, Software, and Network integration. Our consultant will be on-site during the entire 5 days implementation process to guarantee seamless integration of your new BioTrackTHC System.

cannabis security partner
Corporate Partner

From Security Consulting to installing Alarms/ CCTV/ Access Control and implementing monitoring, Security Grade Protective Services does it all, practicing a business model that bolsters Cutting Edge, Competitive, and Comprehensive Services.

Strain App
Customer Experience Technology Partner

Your dispensary branded mobile app: Convert your Cannabis POS data into insightful intelligence with STRAIN all-in-one mobile APP & platform for sales, marketing, customer service & retention. STRAIN white-labeled mobile APP brings dispensaries closer to their customers creating a seamless ongoing connection that improves experience, increases engagement & provides consumer behavior metrics that help dispensaries make analytics-based decisions.

cannabis business supplies
Hardware Partner

Ever noticed the MainStem button in the bottom right corner of your
BioTrackTHC Quick Links? MainStem is a wholesale marketplace
dedicated to the Cannabis industry. You can now shop for all your ancillary
supplies in one place, everything you need from traceability hardware to
retail accessories, and they will take care of the logistics for you.

Printers and labels for grows - equipment partner
Hardware Partner

Stover’s provides resilient, weather-proof labels and printers that are built to handle the harsh conditions of your grow and help keep you compliant.

Helix Cannabis Security
Corporate Partner

Offering 360 digital security services specializing in compliance for the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. and internationally. Our Virtual Guard or “Eyes On” Remote Monitoring program is the most cost-effective approach to 24/7 active monitoring of your business.

BioTrackTHC cannot provide service to unsupported hardware.  If you have any questions or concerns about the available, approved hardware options, please contact us.

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