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Hand-picked integration partners to directly impact your bottom line


Scales, printers, labels, and much more – Everything you’ll need to create the ideal BioTrack experience from our dedicated partners.

Integrated Hardware and Equipment for BioTrackTHC Cannabis Software Solutions; Cultivation Software, Processing, and Point of Sale

integrated hardware cannabis software

Please review the Supported Equipment, Integrated Hardware List, and Partners. BioTrackTHC cannot guarantee the integration of unsupported hardware.

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Official BioTrackTHC Hardware Partners

star micronics
Hardware Partner

Star Micronics has established itself as a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools and precision parts. Star Micronics is one of the most innovative companies in its target industries, they also hold the philosophy to carry out operations with eco-friendly practices.

BioTrackTHC compliant labels and hardware equipment partner
Hardware Partner

Compliant labeling solutions and the hardware needed to print them.

BioTrackTHC Hardware - equipment partner
Hardware Partner

Everything you’ll need to get your BioTrack setup with fully integrated hardware and a smooth customer service experience. Labels, printers, scales, you name it, RMBP has it!

cannabis IT - equipment partner BioTrackTHC
Hardware Partner

Point of sale terminals, servers, fully configured networks – everything you’ll need to establish your IT infrastructure at your business.

cannabis business supplies
Hardware Partner

Ever noticed the MainStem button in the bottom right corner of your
BioTrackTHC Quick Links? MainStem is a wholesale marketplace
dedicated to the Cannabis industry. You can now shop for all your ancillary
supplies in one place, everything you need from traceability hardware to
retail accessories, and they will take care of the logistics for you.

Printers and labels for grows - equipment partner
Hardware Partner

Stover’s provides resilient, weather-proof labels and printers that are built to handle the harsh conditions of your grow and help keep you compliant.

BioTrackTHC cannot provide service to unsupported hardware.  If you have any questions or concerns about the available, approved hardware options, please contact us.

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