Introducing BioTrackTHC Enhanced Discount Programs

Introducing BioTrackTHC Enhanced Discount Programs


BioTrackTHC has a new feature– enhanced discount programs! The new feature gives you complete control to schedule discounts based on Day, Hour, Item, or Product Category. Do you have a Wax Wednesday special? Daily happy hours? How about monthly promotions? With the new Discount system you can do it all, and it’s really simple!

Say you want to give 20% off prepackaged grams from 4 to 6pm Monday-Friday to increase your happy hour sales. Simply enter the Discount details, chose the applicable products, select the day range, enter the time and hit save. Now any prepackaged grams sold between 4-6pm Monday-Friday will receive the 20% off promo. The great thing is that at 6:01pm that same gram will go back to the regular price automatically, you don’t have to manually update anything!



Here are a couple other examples you might want to incorporate at your shop:

  • 1 Month Special – Select a month for the promo, but leave the day and time unchecked. Click save and the promo lasts all day every day for the month desired.
  • Daily Discounts like “Wax Wednesday” – For day specific discounts simply Enable Day of Week while leaving the Hours and Date Range unchecked . If the discount is restricted to a product category, add the category from the Products drop down and click save.
  • Friday Happy Hour – Enable the day and time fields for this discount to limit the promo to Fridays between 4 and 5pm. You could also add in the Date range if you only wanted to run the Friday promo for a set amount of time.



There are also 2 new reports to help visualize the impact of each discount.

The Discount Auto Apply report shows a log of all discount programs and a timestamp for each change. To make things easier, you can run the report by User or Discount and sort the fields however you like.

The 2nd report is the Discount Details, which is the fastest way to see the total financial implications of the discount.

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new feature!

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