Jamaica’s UTech University Investing Wisely in Marijuana Research Technology

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Federal funding for marijuana research in Jamaica has paved the way for new technology. The University of Technology in Jamaica (UTech) has recently announced the implementation of QuantaCann2, a fully integrative marijuana analysis machine. The system tests the composition of marijuana strains in order to provide compliance reports to government officials who want to ensure that legal marijuana is up to regulatory standards. This serves as a strong example of where the marijuana industry wants to head; research and development, investment, compliance, medical solutions, and innovation. As more countries begin to legalize marijuana, federal and private funding will increase, permitting the production and investment of tools that will support compliance and reporting.

The QuantaCann2 machine will be used to test cannabinoid potency levels, moisture content and other components within seconds. It was developed in the United States by Steep Hill Labs. The California based laboratory company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UTech to provide laboratory solutions for their marijuana research. To date, QuantaCann2 is the only marijuana analytical machine in Jamaica.

UTech’s College of Health and Sciences was granted authority earlier this year to conduct marijuana research. Members of Steep Hill flew to Jamaica to train lecturers and faculty staff on how to operate the machine’s multiple features. UTech will initially test the composition of dried flowers and plant stalks. The next level of testing will focus on concentrate potency. The technology is available for all students, researchers, growers and processers involved in marijuana research.

According to Dr. Ellen Campell- Grizzle, dean of the College of Health Sciences, “Testing for pharmaceutical purposes will require the use of other additional equipment that we also have here at UTech in the Natural Product Laboratory.” Dr. Campell-Grizzle mentioned that QuantaCann2 provides an opportunity for UTech and Jamaica to formulize the marijuana economy.  “If you can test your sample, you have a good idea of the potency that you have. Then you can decide how best to formulate what you have for medicinal purposes.”

In summation, the QuantaCann2 provides potency reports within 60 seconds via the use of high speed internet connection. Researchers are allowed to test for THCA, D9THC, CBD, CBDA and moisture content. The system provides an analysis platform for marijuana flowers and leaves. It works similar to a proton NMR or Mass Spectrometry machine, using high pressure, non-destructive, chemical free infrared spectrophotometry (NIRS). The system also provides marketing solutions with cloud based analytics, PDF configuration, marketing campaigns, email and Facebook integrations. Regulators are also given direct oversight via real time reports that are delivered to a customized dashboard. This enables all parties to prevent diversion and illegal activities.

UTech has invested significantly in their marijuana compliance tools to establish a legal marijuana system that adheres to all government regulations. In May, BioTrackTHC™ installed a commercial system for UTech to provide business solutions and compliance reports. The decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica was a bold step. Advocates want to monitor marijuana accordingly to convince government officials that revenues will be generated, medicinal solutions will be achieved and the high crime rate will reduce.

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Our extensive seed-to-sale software allows licensed operators to remain compliant while helping to identify key data points to streamline and optimize inventory management at each phase of the operation; cultivation, processing, destruction and waste, transportation, lab testing and dispensing.

Along with BioTrack’s best-in-class commercial software, we also provide government track and trace solutions and currently hold government contracts in nine states. This allows lawmakers and regulatory agencies to ensure a transparent and compliant program from top to bottom.

In 2021 BioTrack became a part of Forian, Inc. Forian is a Delaware corporation created by the combination of Helix Technologies, Inc. (“Helix”) and Medical Outcomes Research Analytics, LLC (“MOR”). As of March 2, 2021, each of Helix and MOR are wholly owned subsidiaries of Forian. Forian represents the unique intersection of a leading cannabis technology platform with intelligent data science yielding the combined power to drive innovation and transparency across the healthcare and cannabis industries. For more information, see our website, which remains in process.

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