Live Election Night Coverage from CannabisRadio

Live Election Night Coverage from CannabisRadio


As you probably know, this election is shaping up to be one of historic proportions for the nascent cannabis industry. With five states voting on adult use and four more voting on medical cannabis initiatives, we could be rapidly approaching our industry’s tipping point.

While most media outlets will be focused on the Presidential race, there will be few places to turn for reliable, up to the minute news focusing on the nine cannabis related ballot initiatives. For thousands of entrepreneurs across the country who are looking to enter the cannabis industry (and thousands more that are already operating), it is important to stay in the know.

That’s why CannabisRadio, the largest online radio/podcast network for the legal cannabis industry, is excited to announce our Marijuana Election Night coverage on November 8th.

CannabisRadio will be doing a 6+hr live telecast (radio & TV) from our election night headquarters in California. We’ll have correspondents at each of the campaign HQ’s around the country and will be doing live updates as the polls close from coast to coast. Plus interviews with reform luminaries, industry influencers, elected officials and celebrities.

Our #MJElectionNight coverage will be led by a 7-time Emmy award winning producer who has ran newsrooms across the country. We are also partnering with mainstream media outlets (local & national) to carry our live stream, because most mainstream outlets will have all of their resources devoted to the Presidential and Congressional races. These outlets will also have hours of airtime to fill and are eager to have access to knowledgeable sources on secondary issues like marijuana legalization.

For the thousands of entrepreneurs in these nine states who are going to have their business legitimized for the first time, it’s important to hear from established businesses who have already had to clear hurdles. This presents a unique opportunity for current operators in the cannabis industry to help educate future operators about how you managed to carve out your niche, and hold your brand out as an example of the best our industry has to offer.

If you’d like to put your brand name on this historic election night, CannabisRadio is offering sponsorships that will be sure to put you at the center of the conversation on a night that all eyes and ears of those interested in cannabis will be on CannabisRadio’s #MJElectionNight coverage.

If you are interested in sponsoring, you can email and download our #MJElectionNight sponsor deck here. You can also tune in daily for interviews and news about all the campaigns on

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