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Cannabis and Marijuana Legislation Roundup – Part 2

Cannabis Bill Tracker

March 20, 2017

*We’ve launched our Cannabis Bill Tracker page after receiving interest in ongoing cannabis-related legislative updates. Check back every Monday!

Welcome to this week’s Cannabis Legislative Round Up, part 2 of our cannabis bill tracker. A lot has happened since our last update, here’s a quick roundup of all the current cannabis-related legislative progress being made in each state. Something we missed? Come back next week for the state’s we didn’t cover here.


California has introduced legislation that would reschedule cannabis. Senate Joint Resolution 5, “would request that the Congress of the United States pass a law to reschedule marijuana or cannabis and its derivatives from a Schedule I drug to an alternative schedule and that the President of the United States signs such legislation.” The bill is set for a hearing tomorrow, March 21st, during the Senate Public Safety Meeting.

Additionally, two bills introduced earlier this year, SB175 and SB311, are making progress. SB 175, relating to the county of origin regarding marketing and advertising and SB 311, requiring lab tests for medical and adult-use cannabis, are scheduled for review on the 27th. Both bills are designed to maintain the authenticity of California cannabis and ultimately protect the region, and consumers, from deceptive advertising practices.


Colorado’s Medical Marijuana industry is receiving support in the form of several bills that should alleviate supply shortages and eliminate product diversion. SB 111 would permit dispensaries to source 50% of their inventory from other medical growers, an increase from 30%. To address advertising, SB 015 makes it a misdemeanor for anyone who is not licensed to sell cannabis to advertise cannabis products. If passed, HB 1221, will award grants to local governments for training, education, and law enforcement costs associated with the eliminating diversion. The state hopes to eliminate medical licenses exceeding their plant counts in addition to unlicensed grows. I


Senate Bill 00011, which would allow cannabis consumption and possession by adults over 21, is heading for a second public hearing on the 22nd.


Filed by Florida Republican Bill Galvano, S1472 would establish the Coalition for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Education within the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Inc. Establishing research for medicinal cannabis is crucial to further development of the industry and to adding qualified conditions to the list of treatable conditions for medical cannabis.


Hawaii’s SB 786 amends Hawaii’s administrative rules to replace the word “marijuana” with “cannabis” in all official documents. There has been much discussion over which nomenclature is the accepted/officially designated terms for the industry; cannabis vs. marijuana (linked to blog). This bill is the first attempt to address the issue on a legal basis.


SB 2610 is awaiting Governor Phil Bryant’s signature. Once signed, the bill will allow physicians to prescribe CBD tinctures with up to 15% cannabidiol to qualified medical patients.

North Dakota

North Dakota’s Compassionate Care Act may be in trouble. According to MPP (linked), SB 2344 will eliminate whole plant medicine while greatly reducing an already restrictive home grow limit. If SB 2344 moves forward, thousands of North Dakota patients may be left without a means to obtain medicine.


Freshman Senator Anna Wishart’s medical cannabis bill, LB 622, received a judicial hearing last week, which would open the doors for the state to establish its own medical cannabis program. A similar bill was just 3 votes short advancing last year. The hearing drew supporters from both sides with proponents in the majority.

New Hampshire

House Bill 472 allows for home cultivation for patients in rural New Hampshire. Patients located more than 50 miles from a licensed alternative treatment center are permitted to have 2 mature plants and 12 seedlings totaling no more than 50 square feet of canopy.


Nevada’s Senate Bill 236 would require a locally issued permit for businesses or venues that wish to allow the use and consumption of cannabis on site. If that’s not a clear indication on Nevada’s view of future consumption, perhaps Senate Bill 302 will be. Introduced by industry advocate Tick Segerblom, SB 302 seeks to fast track the implementation of November’s Question 2, which legalized cannabis use for adults 21 and over.

Rhode Island

Introduced on March 8th, House Bill 5865 seeks to double the number of medical cannabis compassion centers from 3 to 6 in the state, which would greatly increase accessibility for the state’s nearly 20,000 medical patients.


Democratic Representative Carol Alvarado filed Texas House Joint Resolution 111 last week, a bill that would regulate the possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis for medical use.


In order to meet growing demand, Washington is seeking to pass legislation that will establish a deadline for use and implementation of awarded cannabis business licenses. HB 1126 grants retail operations 24 months from the date of licensing to become operational, any longer and they risk forfeiting their license. SB 5620 establishes the guidelines for a network of transportation companies that would be responsible for moving cannabis across the state and in between facilities.

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