Marijuana Reform: Mexico’s Only Option

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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto hinted in a recent interview that he may be interested in marijuana reform, citing the eight year drug war that has plagued his country. President Pena Nieto used the United States’ progressive shift towards marijuana legality as the example that he would like to follow. There has also been a rapid movement, led by political leaders, to decriminalize and legalize medical marijuana all throughout the country.

Mexican civilians are enduring a lifestyle that has made them prisoners in their own homes and neighborhoods. As small gangs and larger drug cartels push for dominance throughout states like Juarez and Jalisco, innocent people are being caught in the cross fire and extorted on a daily basis. The drug war is being led by two major cartel groups, the Sinaloa Cartel and the more recently established Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel (CJNG). When the war began in December 2006 under the reign of President Felipe Calderon, the major cartels were targeted and many arrests were made. It led to the fragmentation of the cartels, creating new drug organizations vying for dominance in the region. As a result, the war exploded and hundreds of killings were reported daily. Police Narcotic teams were formed and quickly dismantled one-by-one as they became targets for the cartels. Team members either quit or were killed off; sending a message to the rest of the country that all cartel opposition were unsafe.

Today, the Sinaloa and the CJNG are the only cartels still operating and functioning. Other drug organizations have had their resources cut, have been killed off, or are left fighting for territory that neither of the leading cartels cares for. The CJNG broke away from the Sinaloa in 2010 and quickly emerged to power through established business connections, resourceful knowledge of Mexico’s drug market, and little resistance from smaller cartels. The CJNG has plotted direct attacks against military forces and law enforcement. According to Business Insider, the group ruthlessly ambushed and killed 15 elite police officers outside the borders of Guadalajara.

The Mexican Government is looking towards marijuana reform as a means to reduce the cartels’ economic power and help generate more tax revenue. President Pena said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, “Marijuana policy needs to be reviewed. We can’t continue on this road of inconsistency between the legalization we’ve had in some places, particularly in the most important consumer market, the United States, and in Mexico where we continue to criminalize production of marijuana.” The Presidents’ recent comments gave encouragement to marijuana reform supporters in Mexico. An April study by the public opinion unit of the lower house of Congress showed that 73 percent of Mexicans backed legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The Cartel business model is looking to fit the evolving market. Mexican marijuana is no longer flooding the streets of America because legalized states such as California and Colorado are creating more potent strains of marijuana that are in huge demand all throughout the world. According to, the evolution of the marijuana industry is reshaping the drug war and hurting Mexican distributors. The flow of marijuana from south to north has reversed. Cartels are looking to find access to the refined strains of marijuana and bring them down to Mexico.

Once the Mexican government approves a bill for medical marijuana reform, they will need to establish regulatory control that oversees every phase of the plant life cycle from cultivation to sales. BioTrack, based out of Ft. Lauderdale, has the solution that can bring full compliance to Mexico’s medical marijuana industry, empowering the government, crippling the cartel’s operations, and bringing stability to the nation. Once the cartels decide to shift their operations towards legalized states, they’ll find that their tactics to obtain potent USA marijuana are virtually impossible as long as BioTrack™ systems are running and operational.

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