Massachusetts Dispensary Owners Appear Before City Panel

Budding Seedling

The marijuana movement has entered Massachusetts. The Northeast United States already has eight states that have legalized marijuana, but creating a working business model has been difficult. This week, potential vendors are scheduled to appear before the city panel in hopes of building marijuana dispensaries in downtown Boston and Greenfield.

The Zoning Board of Appeals called the meeting to determine whether or not dispensaries can be established along 21 Milk St. in downtown Boston, 7 Legion Ave. in Greenfield, and at 70 Industrial Ave. in Lowell. At the forefront of the movement is Patriot Care Corp. They’re looking to obtain a conditional use license from the Zoning Board.

Patriot Care Corp. opted to begin generating momentum before the temporary license was issued, announcing the three locations on their website as “Opening Summer 2015”. The move hasn’t been received well by city officials, but Patriot Care feels that the effort is necessary to generate momentum.

Patriot Care Corp is receiving heavy amount s of support from The Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, an alliance that includes medical marijuana patients. The group has reached out to supporters, asking them to gather at the meeting being held inside Boston City Hall. The turnout is expected to be high as supporters have expressed their voice for creating dispensaries over the last three years.

Massachusetts legalized medical cannabis in 2012 via the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative. By gaining a strong support for medical marijuana dispensaries, voters may get a chance to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016. There are presently two groups that are pushing legislation. Their first step is to file ballot questions and submit the language to the state attorney’s office before the August 5, 2015 deadline.

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