Million Dollar Smoke Out: A Caviar Gold Exclusive

In an industry where there are so many entrepreneurs trying to figure out an angle for success, few have built a model like Caviar Gold Meds. They started out like any hopeful in this industry, with a dream and a keen interest in cannabis. But there was little direction back in 2007. There was no traceability model, there were few investors, and there was the challenge of remaining compliant and the possibility of getting raided by the DEA.

BioTrackTHC™ recently interviewed Caviar Bishop, co-founder of Caviar Gold Meds, to talk about their humble beginnings, hard work towards success, and upcoming event XO Gold Cup.

“We originally started out of Colorado back in ‘07. My partner started by producing extractions. We put together a sales team out there and went to the streets, knocking on doors. And, at the time, tons of dispensaries in Colorado turned us down, saying no, it’s too expensive. Still, we managed to put our strain in 250 stores prior to moving to Cali. It was successful in Colorado. Now, every dispensary here carries our stuff or a knock off,” said Caviar Bishop.

But it wasn’t an easy road to success. Caviar Bishop and his partner went out to California and tried to put their product in the hands of celebrities, trying to get endorsements. They were able to make a few connections, but the politics of Hollywood often got in the way.

Caviar Gold Meds has become a strong player in the cannabis industry. Their strains and extracts are now sold in two states within hundreds of dispensaries. They’re in a unique position in the industry where they can leverage their product, their brand, and their influence among other vendors.

By understanding the struggles and challenges of the cannabis industry, Caviar Gold Meds set out to create an event that helps other vendors build brand awareness. XO Gold Cup will take place in San Bernardino, California on October 3rd and 4th. “XO Gold cup was created to build more traffic for vendors. We’re trying to help every vendor market their product,” said Caviar Bishop. He, and the Caviar Gold Team, wanted to create a community event that allows vendors to demonstrate their own strains, merchandise items and services.


Cavi Land, the Medicated Area of XO Gold Cup, will be delivered to vendors and guests as a game, i.e. Candy Land. By downloading the XO Gold Cup App and entering the Rec ID number, guests and vendors will be allowed to play. The entire venue will serve as a game board. To play, each guest needs to receive a unlock code from a vendor at the four major sponsor booths. The event had a limited number of sponsorship opportunities and each one was sold. “I literally just sold my last one. We sold all of our sponsorships. We’re really stoked,” said Caviar Bishop. This activity will guarantee to vendors an estimated 10K visitors interacting with their booth. Smaller vendors will have the opportunity to engage guests and barter “social currency” for unlock codes (i.e. Instagram, twitter, Facebook posts). Additionally, Caviar Gold Meds is raffling a 1967 Chevy Camaro that’s painted entirely in gold. All guests and vendors who register for the app will be eligible to win.

There will also be a Gold Cup Event where confident vendors will put their unique strains to the test. A lineup of celebrity judges will be on-hand to determine who’s growing the finest buds. The opportunity will bring great exposure to local vendors and help introduce new strains to the community. Celebrity judges include hip-hop artists Bow Wow and Lil Debbie and MMA legend Nick Diaz.

With all their success and hard work over the last eight years, it seems like Caviar Gold Meds is just scratching the surface. They’ve used the popularity of their product to help the industry grow and bring exposure to other vendors. Their event, XO Gold Cup, will be the first of many, bringing together a community of marijuana entrepreneurs to interact, share, and network. It’s an opportunity that will surely help vendors improve business and engage personally with local smokers as well.

Yes, the future looks bright for Caviar Gold Meds. The company has new markets in their sights. By next year, they hope to launch distribution and open facilities in Jamaica. For the time being, they can’t physically ship their strains to Jamaica, so the plan, ironically, is to go there and show the locals how to grow Caviar Gold quality buds. If the United States market is an indicator of how successful they will be in Jamaica, then the future has no limits for Caviar Gold Meds.

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