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Cannabis License Info:

Information will be updated here as it becomes available. Check back for updates!

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Grower (also commonly referred to as Producers or Cultivators) – Cultivators are responsible for growing cannabis. Mature plants are harvested and transferred to a Processor.


New Mexico Cultivation Licenses

Information coming soon.

Laboratories test cannabis for concentration and contaminants. Prior to entering the consumer market, all regulated cannabis is required to undergo quality assurance testing.
Dispensaries sell legal cannabis, and cannabis products, to responsible adults in compliance with local regulations.

New Mexico Dispensary Licenses

Information coming soon.

Caregivers grow and process cannabis on behalf of patients. They cannot charge for cannabis, only recoup the costs of goods.

Current Estimated Patient Counts: TBD

How can I obtain a New Mexico Medical Marijuana Card?

Information coming soon.

Processors – Processors take harvested cannabis from Cultivators and create derivative extracts for edibles, concentrates, topicals, and prepacks. Finished products are transported to Dispensaries.

New Mexico Cannabis Processor Licenses

Information coming soon.

What costs are associated with a New Mexico Cannabis Business License?

Information will be updated here as it becomes available. Check back for updates!

New Mexico Seed-to-Sale Traceability Info:

Why BioTrack?

Locally Hosted Solution– Utilizing a locally hosted server, as oppose to a cloud server, increases security and reliability. Retain 100% database ownership knowing no one, not even BioTrackTHC employees, can access sensitive client or operational data.

Driven by Data– Take advantage of over 100 advanced reports to make profit-minded decisions based on predictive yields, sales trends, average wait time and more. Need to upload financial reports to an accounting system? Easily export reports, save in the desired format, and upload.

Compliance Focused– Adherence to state and local cannabis regulations in all active markets. Print compliant labels, enforce sales limits, and verify recommendations quickly and accurately. Regular system updates ensure compliance if regulations change.

Customer Service Oriented– Live Phone, Chat, and Email support from 8am-8pm PST. Supplement initial training with online tutorials, wikis, and monthly best practices features.

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Example of New Mexico Labels

All labels shown are made for a 2 inch by 4 inch label size.

Cannabis Inventory Label

Edibles Inventory Label (front)

Edibles Inventory Label (back)

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