New Year. New Look.

New Year. New Look.

With the passing of each year and the dawning of a new, many people look to this time as an opportunity to reset. A new year can mean new beginnings and a time for change. We also thought that moving into 2020 was a good time to let the world know about some of the changes that we’ve made.

As you may have noticed the BioTrack logo has recently undergone a bit of a facelift.  Mainly the “THC” from BioTrackTHC was dropped and we added the “Helix” from the BioTrack parent company Helix Technologies, Inc. While we were at it we also spruced up the mark a little as well. Rest assured that even though we tweaked the logo a bit, you can still rely on getting the same great seed-to-sale tracking, point-of-sale software and incredible customer service from BioTrack that you have received since 2010.

While you may have caught what we did with the logo, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on the other great things we’ve been working on at Helix Technologies.

Helix Cannalytics

2019 was an incredible year for developing new products that integrate directly with BioTrack and make running your cannabis operation that much smoother. A perfect example of this is the brand new Helix Cannalytics product that was just released to dispensaries in December. 

Helix Cannalytics is a data analytics and business intelligence platform that takes data directly out of BioTrack and presents it in a logical and easy to use format. It allows end-users to do things like view their customers’ locations on a heat map to better understand where marketing efforts should be focused. Users can also perform direct sales comparisons between products to find out which products are selling like hotcakes and which ones they might want to replace. Cannalytics will also send daily emailed reports to be delivered right to the users’ inbox allowing them to efficiently and effectively manage their operations from anywhere they have internet access.

Helix Exchange

Another great platform that we’ve been working on is a wholesale hemp exchange. Helix Exchange is a fully electronic, online exchange that was created so users can buy and sell bulk hemp biomass, isolate/distillate, and manufactured products without the need to worry about compliance or transparency.

Once a buyer purchases products, the seller is notified of the sale. From there, funds are deposited into a secure account, which will hold the money until delivery is completed, signed and accepted. After delivery has been finalized, the funds are transferred to the buyer’s account. Every step of the order is tracked and recorded on Helix Exchange, making the process clear and precise.

Helix Security

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that happened in 2019 was our renewed focus on providing customers with some greatly enhanced digital security solutions for their operations. After a thorough vetting process, we decided to partner with Eagle Eye Networks to help us provide some of the most cutting-edge security surveillance technology in the business. When customers combine this with our 24/7 “Eyes On” remote monitoring, what they get is an overwhelmingly powerful security system to help protect their business’ most valuable assets. 

Of course, if that particular combination of security services isn’t quite what a customer had in mind for their operation, we can still provide a fully customized security system and plan that fits every legal market’s requirements.

Helix Technologies

Finally, it would be an injustice not to mention the driving force that is behind bringing all of these powerful platforms to life. Our mission statement at Helix Technologies is, “To be the premier provider of critical infrastructure services for the legal cannabis industry.” But what does that really mean? Well to everyone that works at Helix Technologies, no matter which platform they support, it means we are committed to giving our customers the best possible technology and service to help them run the businesses that they have worked so hard to build. 

From all of us at Helix Technologies, we hope you had an incredible 2019 and we know that you are well on your way to making 2020 an even better year.

Are you interested in learning more about BioTrack or the cannabis industry in general? Check out our careers page to learn more about what it takes to join our winning team or take a look at our industry-leading blog for great news and information about the cannabis industry.

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