Performing a Server Backup: BioTrackTHC

Performing a Server Backup: BioTrackTHC

Performing a Server Backup: BioTrackTHC

March 2, 2018

Everything seems to be in the cloud these days, but what does that mean for your cannabis data, and is it a good thing? Cloud solutions rely on off-site servers to run their business technology and, in turn, store their customer’s data. A locally-hosted solution is an actual program (application) that is loaded onto each machine accessing the central data server. BioTrackTHC is among the few companies in the industry that’s able to offer both; a cloud-hosted option as well as a locally hosted option. We realize that every business’s needs are unique, so that’s why we offer you the choice to pick what type of server is ideal for your business.

Simply put, cloud system data is online and locally stored data is, local.

BioTrackTHC support specialists follow best practices when installing and configuring the BioTrackTHC system, which incorporates built-in backups and redundancies in the highly unusual event that data recovery is needed. While most cloud hosting services will automatically employ backups and redundancies of your database, if you’re operating locally, that doesn’t happen automatically. The system has the ability to schedule nightly backups to any external device connected to the central server. This can be an external hard drive, USB thumb stick, or even a secure cloud service, like Amazon Web Services.

What happens if the worst happens?

In the unlikely event that you encounter issues, you can take advantage of the most recent server backup database and then, recreating your BioTrackTHC system takes about an hour – that’s it. As long as there is one copy of the database and one working computer, you are back in business. Here are the step by step directions for performing a server backup of your BioTrackTHC system in the event a program restoration is required:

To begin, navigate to the BioTrackTHC server file, generally located on your C Drive under Program Files: C:Program Files (x86)BTMSIBTMSIServer

It should look like this, or something similar:

C:Program Files (x86)BTMSIBTMSIServer

From here, simply run mybackup.exe to begin the process. The backup file will be generated automatically and can be accessed on your C drive in the PGBackup Folder.


At this point, you’ll have the option to copy the file to a backup destination, be it an external hard drive, cloud storage solution, or thumbstick.

If you have any questions or concerns about completing this, please contact our dedicated support staff.

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