Picking a Dispensary Point of Sale

Picking a Dispensary Point of Sale

When it comes to operating a retail dispensary, business owners can choose from a wide array of different options, from cannabis point of sale systems and full vertical business solutions to retrofitted restaurant point of sale systems and even expensive custom built systems tailored to their unique needs.  The options are endless and the worst part is, choosing incorrectly can become a critical pain point in operating your business.  Managing a cannabis business is nothing like operating a traditional retail business, so make sure you have the functionality and features that are relevant to your product.  So when operating a dispensary, what do you really need in a dispensary POS system?

  • Data Points –This isn’t just a priority, but THE priority. If your dispensary POS doesn’t provide you with all of the compliant data points and reporting tools required by your state, you’ll be forced to manually pull and present this data, or risk losing your business for being non-compliant.  This isn’t as simple as pulling a few data points; requirements are usually comprehensive.
  • Cumulative Pricing – A common practice for dispensaries is the ability to combine multiple strains at varying price points into a single transaction. So if a customer wants a half ounce of the top shelf at $150, and a half ounce at the mid shelf for $125, a good POS can combine the two into a single, one ounce purchase.  This allows the customer to mix and match strains while properly recording accurate inventory levels.
  • Real-Time Recalls – The last thing you want is for your customers to get ticked because you sold them a contaminated product. Recalls are important to your business and your brand because, while it may be unfair, tainted products often reflect more negatively on the dispensary than the originator. Real-time recalls in BioTrackTHC’s dispensary POS can functionally restrict users from selling a product once it has been flagged as unfit for sale.  This same sale restricting functionality can be applied to expiration dates as well, a crucial point to monitor in order to remain compliant in cannabis.
  • Employee Permissions – There’s too much at risk with strict compliance codes and regulations to worry about employees pinching a little off the top and altering your data. You need a system with restrictions so that only manager level employees are able to manipulate inventory data, keeping you in full control, on and off premises. BioTrackTHC offers granular employee permissions for key dispensary activities like weigh-heavy and on-the-fly discounts.

When it comes to selecting your dispensary point of sale, it’s imperative to choose a system that meets the needs of your custom workflows.  Make sure to do your research and understand the intricacies of your state’s regulatory scheme and keep in mind that it’s always nice to have things like loyalty and referral programs without having to accrue additional operating costs.  Lastly, keep in mind, rules and regulations are still changing constantly, so a flexible system is a wise decision in this uncertain landscape.

*Bonus – Offline Mode – This is not a must-have feature unless your business operates in a location that does not have a reliable internet connection.  For dispensaries that operate in rural areas or deep in the mountains where the internet is not often reliable, offline mode allows users to continue sales (when hardwired to your on-site server) in the event of an in internet outage.

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Since 2010, BioTrack has provided the legal cannabis operators with the industries’ leading seed to sale tracking and dispensary point of sale software. Whether you operate a cultivation site, manufacturing and processing facility, medical or recreational dispensary or a business that covers the full vertical, we’ve got you covered when it comes to compliance.

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