BioTrackTHC’s Dispensary Point of Sale system was created to simplify cannabis compliance

Providing software tools to facilitate business intelligence, transparency, and accountability.

At BioTrackTHC, business intelligence starts with data collection and ends with the most robust reporting engine in the industry. For example, BioTrackTHC makes it easy to calculate the Average Wait Time, track your Best Sellers, and identify Products Frequently Purchased Together. Don’t just guess, make profit minded decisions based on historical trends and intelligent data.

Operating a transparent business isn’t just good for compliance; it creates a positive experience, especially for new customers. By utilizing integrated hardware, like scales and barcode readers, user input error is virtually eliminated while having the added benefit of increased purchaser comfort. Additionally, BioTrackTHC’s dispensary point-of-sale automatically ports pertinent information, like QA Test Results or Potency, directly to the product label at the point of purchase ensuring accuracy and maintaining compliance.

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Dispensary Point-of-Sale Features

Auto-Apply Discounts

Take complete control of promotions and employee discounts based on Day, Hour, Item, or Product Category. Do you have a Wax Wednesday special? Daily happy hours? How about monthly promotions? With the new Discount system you can do it all, and it’s really simple!

Integrated Scales

Eliminate human error and guarantee accountability with scales connected directly to the BioTrackTHC system. Cloud systems can’t offer a direct connection, only a locally hosted solution provides the ultimate security and peace of mind.

National Conference on Weights and Measures - NTEP Certification

Now offering NTEP Certified Software.

Data Driven Marketing

Create custom loyalty programs that engage and reward your community. Built in email and text message marketing functionality provides an unrivaled out of the box solution capable of generating targeted campaigns based on purchase history, birthday, past visit date and much more!

“Having opened a cultivation facility in early 2016, my employees and I are still very new to seed to sale software. The BioTrackTHC team has been fantastic at helping us work through our growing pains. They are always available to help, are very professional and patient, and they know the software from top to bottom.”
Thanks, you guys are awesome! –Jay, Matrix NV LLC, NV
“Having an experienced consultant come help train us on BioTrackTHC was incredibly beneficial to our understanding of the software. There are so many pieces to BioTrackTHC that we wouldn’t have been able to utilize otherwise. I’ve attempted to learn tracking software in the past, but they’ve ended in a mess. Deciding to have someone come out here to train us was a great decision because now we feel confident in our ability to functionally use BioTrackTHC.  Even if we do fall into a point of confusion, our onsite consultant is always quick to respond. I completely recommend having someone who knows BioTrackTHC to train your team.”
George, Advanced Grow Labs, CT

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