Preparing Your Dispensary for the Solar Eclipse

Preparing Your Dispensary for the Solar Eclipse

August 8, 2017

In less than 2 weeks, people across the United States will have the chance to witness an event that hasn’t happened in 99 years, a total solar eclipse that traverses the entire country from coast to coast.

The connection between celestial phenomenon and cannabis consumption goes beyond strain names like Northern Lights, Star Killer and Space Queen. There’s something about cannabis that enhances nature and more than a couple cannabis enthusiasts likely have the upcoming eclipse on their agenda. Since the headline has circulated the news, hotels along the route are full and Google Searches in proximity to the visual event have soared as well. For a dispensary that is fortunate enough to be located in the path, this is a fantastic time to run a promotion tied to the August 21st event, create some extra excitement, and drive business.

A quick primer on the eclipse: when one celestial body passes between the viewer and a source of illumination the resulting shadow is called an eclipse. For the upcoming solar eclipse, the Moon is passing in front of the Sun and, depending on your location, some or all of the sun may be blocked from view. Those in the direct path will experience nearly 3 minutes of complete darkness as the Moon crosses in front of the Sun while the rest of the viewing country will witness a partial eclipse.

So, how can a dispensary take advantage of this once in a life time event to create a memorable experience that resonates with customers? Here are 3 ideas you can put in place using BioTrackTHC’s automated discount engine through our dispensary POS system:

  • Associate a strain or product with the eclipse and give it a discount. Since the eclipse is happening in the middle of the day, it’s safe to assume that most clientele will want to enjoy the rarity without getting burned out. Creating a discount for a low dose edible or pre-roll could be the perfect attraction for customers looking to add some pep to their day before continuing on productively.
  • Set an Eclipse Happy Hour leading up to the scheduled viewing time. Just make sure to plan accordingly so that excited customers don’t miss the main attraction. Consider extending the discounted time to the night before for customers who plan on taking in the eclipse from home.
  • Offer a discounted add-on for qualified purchases specific to the eclipse. A dispensary that announced an incredibly priced Space Cake for sales over $50 is sure to attract some extra customers and upsells.

Once a promotional strategy has been solidified, scheduling the discounts in BioTrackTHC is pretty easy. Simply navigate to Customers>Discount Programs to open to Discount Engine. For more ideas or information on scheduling discounts in BioTrackTHC, click here.  Good luck and enjoy the historic moment!

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your discount programs, please contact our knowledgeable support staff.

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