Professionalism in Cannabis Industry on Display in DC

Professionalism in Cannabis Industry on Display in DC

May 25, 2017

While the White House continues to send mixed signals regarding federal cannabis policy, the industry is healthier than ever. Last week’s MJ Business Convention and Expo took place in our nation’s capital and the buzz was apparent, but not in the way you’d think. It wasn’t people high on cannabis or tie-dye t-shirts, it was business professionals and industry experts converging for 3 days of networking and education.

The conference started on Wednesday as NCIA hosted their annual Lobby Days, where 200 members representing the cannabis industry descended upon the Capitol Building eager to speak to members of Congress. “We had unprecedented access to Congressman, specifically; the chance to meet with the co-sponsors of federal legislation that will end prohibition,” said Cody Stiffler, BioTrackTHC VP of Government Affairs.

Lobby Days present some of the best opportunities to get directly in front of our countries decision makers, and it wasn’t wasted.

“In speaking with representatives I learned that they understand the medical applications for cannabis and are compassionate towards patients. I’m optimistic that will translate into action on the Hill” said Daniel Sparks, BioTrackTHC Director of Government Affairs.

With Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey recently moving forward with medical cannabis, the event was full of people excited about the region’s future potential. According to BioTrackTHC VP of Sales Steve Flaks “The show attracted a lot of professionals. Many were existing license holders and business operators looking for expansion opportunities. From the content discussed in the sessions to the number of attendees wearing sport coats, it’s clear there is a new wave of people entering this industry.”

Prior to the event, there was some discussion about how the event would fare so close to DC during these times of uncertainty. After all, a lot of the allure of the cannabis industry culture involves smoking socially, which is often present at “business” events as well. Luckily, any concerns were without merit as the event went off without incident and professionalism stood out instead of smoke plumes.

When asked about the overall atmosphere, BioTrackTHC Sr Sales Associate Taylor Jones had this to say; “I met with licensees from all over the North East, seeing so many industry professionals dedicated to promoting a responsible market was incredibly motivating, this market is set up for success.”

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