Question 4 Opposed by MA Attorney General

Question 4 Opposed by MA Attorney General

Question 4 Opposed by MA Attorney General


If Massachusetts is going to be the first state in the Northeast to legalize cannabis they’re going to have to overcome some serious lobbying from Attorney General Maura Healey. AG Healey, elected in 2015, feels that the legalization effort is too focused on capitalism at the expense of consumer protection. The main point of contention? Potency limits. Question 4 does not have provisions for limiting THC potency, an issue Healey claims prioritizes profits over public safety.

“Potency limits might actually be better for people, but they are bad for profits, they’re bad for the bottom line and they’re bad for a billion-dollar industry that will always put profits ahead of people,”

Voters should be warned, this distraction is nothing more than a scare tactic and continued use of prohibitionist rhetoric without sighting reputable sources. Her stance confuses quality with quantity and assumes that 1) cannabis consumers overvalue potency and 2) higher potency yields higher product margins. There has been little to no data to suggest that cannabis customers are purchasing based on potency or manufacturers driving up potency levels.

In addition to legalizing cannabis for adults 21 and over, passing Question 4 would create the Cannabis Control Commission and grant them total authority, including setting and enforcing potency limits.  The commission will also weigh in on packaging, transportation, seed to sale tracking, and testing procedures. When Question 4 passes it will make it legal for individuals 21 and over to possess up to 1 ounce in public, 10 ounces at home and allow home cultivation up to 6 plants.

Massachusetts is not alone in voting on legalization in New England. Maine’s Question 1 would legalize adult use and home cultivation for adults 21 and over. Both initiatives are polling strong and will hopefully pass tomorrow. For more information on tomorrow’s marijuana ballot initiatives, please visit

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