SCORE App is the First Cannabis Compliance App Available in App Store

SCORE App is the First Cannabis Compliance App Available in App Store

Today we had the opportunity to talk to Steve Owens, CEO of Adherence Compliance – a compliance-focused software that provides regulatory services to the cannabis industry. Recently, Adherence Compliance successfully added their SCORE app to the Apple App Store, making it the first-ever, cannabis compliance app to be featured.

We asked Steve to walk us through the process of getting the app featured, and he said that it wasn’t easy. In fact, the app was rejected the first time he submitted it to the App Store.

“The process is governed by the Apple Store Review Guidelines. The app needs to be thoroughly tested for bugs, crashes, etc.,” Steve said. “The development guidelines are even more intense. Planning is imperative.”

Back in February of 2015, Apple Insider announced that Apple would start allowing select cannabis-themed App Store downloads in the states where marijuana use has been legalized. This move was prompted by several cannabis brands and advocacy groups petitioning Apple to change their stance on marijuana-related apps. Today, these approved cannabis apps include MassRoots, Weedmaps, Duby, and several others.

Despite a handful of apps that made the cut, many cannabis apps have been denied App Store inclusion – partly because they don’t have the reach or influence of larger organizations, but also because they failed to comply with the official App Store guidelines.

We asked Steve to share some tips and tricks that could help other cannabis apps get featured in the App Store. Here’s what he recommended:

  • Read the App Store Review Guidelines
  • Test for bugs, make sure the app doesn’t crash
  • Conduct regression testing
  • Don’t include any external sales links
  • Try to avoid any cannabis branding
  • Provide Apple with a thorough, concise description of your app

Adherence Compliance and the SCORE app

Adherence Compliance provides an automated, repeatable and continually updated software solution and services to simplify management of regulatory compliance for cannabis businesses. The score app evaluates over 250 regulatory requirements per assessment, along with providing detailed compliance reports.

You can download the Adherence Compliance SCORE app here.

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