TAD – Temperature Alert Device

Wearable Temperature Alert Device

TAD™ is a patent-pending wearable temperature alert device that brings peace of mind to employees, their employer, and customers to feel and be TAD SAFE™. With social distancing and temperature monitoring as recommended precautions for COVID-19 and other contagious viruses, TAD is a great solution for getting people together again.

Comfortable     •     Discrete     •     Accurate

Getting people back together again.


TAD’s mission is to get America going again. Through precautionary measures, TAD provides peace of mind to everyone that interacts with your business. Employees feel safe coming to work because they have the confidence that fellow employees aren’t exposing them to unnecessary risks, and customers know that extra precautions are being taken to protect their health and safety.

How TAD Works


TAD™ will take the wearers temperature every 15 minutes. Should the temperature be elevated to Amber or Red, the wearer will feel a vibration, which serves as an alert.  In addition, the wearers temperature can be taken manual with a simple push of a button!

Temperature Alerts     •     USB Compatible     •     Long Battery Life

Customized to Match Your Brand


Show your customers that safeguarding their health is a priority that comes from the top down. TAD™ bands can be manufactured with your company logo on custom bands with multiple color options.



More Information & Pricing

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