seed to sale integration

What Is Integration in Seed-to-Sale?

What is Integration in Seed-to-Sale? January 2, 2018 Many cannabis software and cannabis POS providers will claim to be “fully integrated” with your state’s traceability system, but what does “integrated” truly mean in seed-to-sale?  For BioTrackTHC users, it means as you input data into BioTrackTHC, only the required compliance data is automatically submitted, in real-time, […]

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california cannabis track and trace faqs

California Cannabis Track and Trace System FAQ’s: METRC FAQ’s

California Cannabis Track and Trace System Frequently Asked Questions California METRC FAQ’s This list has been slightly altered to include additional questions relating to how BioTrackTHC can address some of your concerns. What is the California Cannabis Track-and-Trace system? The California Cannabis Track-and -Trace system (CCTT), using Franwell, Inc. Metrc software, is a ‘seed -to-sale’ […]

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5 reasons for BioTrackTHC METRC Integration

5 Reasons You Need More Than METRC

5 Reasons You Need More Than METRC The BioTrack METRC Integration is the most complete full-vertical integration in cannabis. Contact our sales team to demo it today! If you operate in a METRC state (Alaska, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, or Oregon and soon Oklahoma and West Virginia) you […]

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