Trump Medical Cannabis

President Trump’s Stance on Medical Cannabis

President Trump’s Stance on Medical Cannabis: Broken Down May 8, 2017 On Thursday, President Trump signed a $1 trillion spending bill to maintain the government’s operations through September, which details funding specifications on a wide variety of sectors.  In addition, Trump signed an amendment to the bill on Friday that indicated the Administration’s anxiously awaited […]

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alt="Cannabis Legislative Update"

Cannabis Legislative Update

Cannabis Legislative Update March 28, 2017 This week’s Cannabis Legislative Update has a few states introducing bills designed to protect established markets and create new ones. As more states move forward with cannabis legislation, we’ll continue providing relevant updates that affect our industry and your business. Something we missed? Let us know here and we’ll […]

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Marijuana Legislation Roundup

Marijuana Legislation Roundup March 9,2017 With almost 200 active cannabis-related bills, tracking legislation can be daunting. That’s why we’re introducing the BioTrackTHC Marijuana Legislation Roundup – a quick roundup of all the current marijuana-related legislative progress being made in each state. Something we missed? Come back next week for the state’s we didn’t cover here. […]

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