Trump Medical Cannabis

Trump’s Stance on Medical Cannabis

Trump’s Stance on Medical Cannabis: Broken Down May 8, 2017 On Thursday, President Trump signed a $1 trillion spending bill to maintain the government’s operations through September, which details funding specifications on a wide variety of sectors.  In addition, Trump signed an amendment to the bill on Friday that indicated the Administration’s anxiously awaited stance […]

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alt="Cannabis Legislative Update"

Cannabis Legislative Update

Cannabis Legislative Update March 28, 2017 *We’ve launched our Cannabis Bill Tracker page after receiving interest in ongoing cannabis-related legislative updates. Check back every Monday! This week’s Cannabis Legislative Update has a few states introducing bills designed to protect established markets and create new ones. As more states move forward with cannabis legislation, we’ll continue […]

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Marijuana Legislation Roundup

Marijuana Legislation Roundup March 9,2017 With almost 200 active cannabis-related bills, tracking legislation can be daunting. That’s why we’re introducing the BioTrackTHC Marijuana Legislation Roundup – a quick roundup of all the current marijuana-related legislative progress being made in each state. Something we missed? Come back next week for the state’s we didn’t cover here. […]

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