Why Your Data is Your Most Important Asset

Why your data is your most important asset By: John Jacobs, Business Development Representative at BioTrackTHC June 4, 2018 We all know we’re currently in an age of intensified information gathering. Regulatory bodies demand data to ensure compliance, sects of business source data to build databases and provide guidance, and individual businesses collect data in […]

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Freedom Leaf Interview: BiotrackTHC’s Patrick Vo

Freedom Leaf Interview: BiotrackTHC’s Patrick Vo This article was originally published at freedomleaf.com here. May 29, 2018 Seed-to-sale tracking is in the news. MJ Freeway has had numerous calamitous hacks to its systems. But MJ Freeway’s chief competitor, BioTrackTHC, which operates in seven states and Puerto Rico, has not. Credit goes to the Fort Lauderdale-based company’s […]

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