Top 5 Compliance Infractions for Manufacturers

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Top 5 Compliance Infractions for Manufacturers

This post was put together by our friends at Adherence Compliance.

Manufacturers (Processors / Infused Producers) are one of the most complex and expensive marijuana license types to operate. As an example, a Retail Manufacturer in Boulder Colorado has more than 330 regulatory compliance requirements in the Adherence SCORE App. Start-up costs for Manufacturers are among the highest in the industry, so it’s imperative to protect your capital investment with automated compliance and enhanced due diligence.

At the local level, Manufacturers require more permits which in turn leads to more inspections from city and county regulators. ServSafe® certification, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and added health and safety requirements are just a few of the additional compliance factors for these license types. Knowing where these types of licenses fail can save a license owner or investor hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Below is our latest listing for the Top Five (5) Infractions for the Manufacturer / Processor:

  1. The licensee does not immediately input all marijuana and marijuana product(s) into the state-mandated inventory tracking system and account for all variances.
  2. The facility does not ship compliant product, ready for final sale, that is properly labeled for all required statements and warnings.
  3. The facility does not document material changes to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as directed.
  4. The facility is missing manufacture and/or safety procedure documentation for extraction equipment.
  5. The licensee does not have a complete inventory of material safety data sheets (MSDS) where products are used and/or stored.

So where do you start in addressing these compliance concerns? BioTrackTHC’s cannabis software for processors and manufacturers can help address the majority of them, plus many more, less common infractions. Compliance starts with sound inventory management and making sure you have a system to show what’s where and prove your business is operating within the law.

This post was put together by our friends at Adherence Compliance.

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