NTEP Certification

BioTrackTHC is officially certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

  • What is NTEP Certification? NTEP Certified is a status granted to systems that have the highest level of accuracy when reporting weight based transactions. The National Conference on Weights and Measures is responsible for evaluating and awarding NTEP classification.
  • What state’s require NTEP Certification? 46 States and DC require an NTEP Certificate of Conformance to use a weighing or measuring device in a commercial service. Only ND, TX, VT, and RI allow weighing items for consumption without having an NTEP certification. BioTrackTHC is the only seed-to-sale software in the cannabis industry that offers NTEP Certified integrated scales to keep your business compliant.  Individual state information can be found here.
  • Why does NTEP Certification matter? NTEP Certification provides an additional level of transparency for the customer and compliance for the business owner. To receive NTEP Certification, a system must undergo an evaluation that verifies its accuracy and ability to collect to report precisely.
  • How does NTEP Certification help? By using an NTEP Certified system business owners have confidence in their inventory reporting and customers know they are getting what they pay for.

BioTrackTHC’s cannabis seed-to-sale inventory tracking software is NTEP Certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, which is reserved for the most accurate systems available.  With integrated scales, BioTrackTHC users can easily plug in their scale, weigh their product and have the results reflected directly in the software on their computer screen in real-time, without having to manually enter the info.